Whitworth rifles?

No not the muzzle loader! The bolt action hunting rifles which I believe were made in Manchester.

Does anyone know anything about the company and their rifles?

I've seen one for sale, and I think the action looks like it's from an M1903. Am I correct?

The whole book is on that link, alot of reference to the Mark X Mauser action, and further references to the Whitworth. Starts on page 286 scroll down, my poor eyes would swear the identical rifle is on page 288 and again on page 294, mentions the english cheek plate.
I thought I'd dig this one up from oblivion and ask the question again. I have now bought the rifle (well not that particular one, but the same model). I still don't know much about it, or the company who made it at all (apart from the fact that it is an English made rifle based on a surplus Remington M1903 action from 1942).

Does anyone know anything about the company, or anything about these rifles (how many were made, and when etc.?). They do seem to be quite common over here and turn up on internet auctions from time to time, but no-one here seems to have any info.



M'Learned friends at the HBSA mat=y be able to help, if I could remember my forum logon!
M'Learned friends at the HBSA mat=y be able to help, if I could remember my forum logon!
Cheers Ugly!

I have managed to find out that it's from 1975 using the info on this page about proof marks: Dating your rifle

Apart from that I'm still in the dark.



That means proofed then, god alone knows when made or parts were made!
All this being on the wagon is really hard work.


She who must be obeyed decreed my ever increasing waist line to be un sexy, really I ask you! So no beer till the local festival in October and again until crimbo. I do have a nice bottle of scotch for crimbo day.
Still she isnt allowed chocolate so thats fair I suppose and I need to fit into my breeks for this coming season.


I'm not going to make tonights lecture, I'll email a couple of folk and ask if they can shed any light on it. Nick works for a big auction house and deals in sporting arms so he may be able to help.

Question asked, it will be put during aob tonight. No chance of a pic or two is there, it went from the site as sold beforeI could find it?
No problem Ugly. There you go.

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