Just following the secrets act,did not want to give you to much info.
Anyway i have found out what i was asking for.

Remember its a long walk,next time you need a lift.
its pretty much been knocked apart.
when it finished as a training depot the mod bought in those clever chaps who know lots about building design and efficency, .
apparently all tghew buildings were pressure tested ( what ever that means?) and A coy and B coy lines were deemed knackard and were knocked down.
C coy lines were then used as temp accom but this too was then classed as unhabitable so was also knocked down.
the cook house was flattened and so was the gymnasium.
HQ buildings and stores were flattend and rebuilt

strangely enough all the original victorian buildings passed inspection and were in good enough condition to be refurbed.
the church and the keep are listed buildings and cannot be messed around with ( the museum keeps its weapon collection and other kit securely stored in the keep).

the pads are still used ( and still in shite condititon!!!) the post office and naafi are closed the school is being used as something else and there is a lovely new HQ building for the mercians.
the staffordshire regt museum is still there although there was talk of moving it down the road to litchfield.

oh yeah and like said above is currently home to some admiral who is the surgeon general
Thanks for that pkf72,most of the buildings were falling down when i was training in 84. Had some very good times in that depot,and made some life long muckers.

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