Discussion in 'Infantry' started by EASTY, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. What happened to the depot in whittington?.
  2. Who cares?
  3. Thankyou that is really helpfull.

  4. 1946-2003

    Fields full of cabbages now I think ....so no change.
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  5. Does this website look like Google to you?
  6. I presume that you have suffered a head wound at sometime,this must be why you have to be a total MONG.
  7. The video is not compatable with security system on pc set up. You have wasted your time.

    Please describe.
  8. You should of told me that you were a RSM,it explains the comments.
  9. It's home to HQ Surgeon General, and soon to become the home to RAMC Ph 2 and some other elements of things Army Medical.
  10. You should have said that you were an RLC driver, it would explain the lack of initiative :)
  11. Just following the secrets act,did not want to give you to much info.
    Anyway i have found out what i was asking for.

    Remember its a long walk,next time you need a lift.
  12. I'll just call my driver.
  13. Been fun - TA TA