Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by 1RS-4GS, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. What's the difference between whitney Houston and Justin Bieber?

    Hopefully about two weeks
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  2. What's 6 inches long and wont get sucked on this Valentines day?

    Whitney Houstons crack pipe.
  3. Fantastic. Just when we needed another bunch of dullards, you two turn up.
  4. And we forced you to read this did we? there there there!!
  5. No; despite your assertion, it's very difficult to force someone to read something on the Internet. It's a voluntary action, rather like making the small effort to scan the threads to see if you're going to contribute something new and refreshing which would make your thread worthwhile, as distinct from regurgitating drivel.
  6. I could have posted

    The ku klux klan today described whitney houstons condition as "satisfactory"...

    But i thought that a tad uncouth
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  7. What do Spiders and Whitney Huston have in common. They're both black and can't get out of the bath
  8. What's lies on the floor, will always love you and has white stuff all around it's nose?

    A Border Collie.
  9. I've decided to call my cock Whitney because it goes stiff in the bath.
  10. posting jokes about her isn't alright! but it's okayyy!
  11. Whitney Houston is going to duet with Amy Winehouse, they are doing a re-mix of a Jonny Cash classic, "We snort the line"
  12. An officer from the Beverley Hills PD walks up to his Lieutenant and exclaims "Have you seen Whitneys bathroom, everythings polished silver and diamond encrusted. The toilet is particularly impressive" "Forget about the bathroom son" replies the Lieutenant, "Have you seen the size of the floater the mucky bitch left in the bath"
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    So, if the Lieutenant told the officer to forget about the bathroom, why did he then draw the officers attention to the turd in the bath? He had just told the officer to forget about the bathroom. Was he trying to confuse the officer?

    And the Lieutenant refers to the officer as 'son'.

    Why is the Lieutenant trying to confuse his son at a murder scene in a room with a stiff and floating faeces?

    Did you complete the online ARRSE vetting form?
  14. Lol, copied and pasted from Sickipedia my friend. It was just my opportunity to share a joke. not correct it. :D
  15. I don't believe this. First Whitney Huston.......and now that bloke from Steps

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