Whitney Houston on X Factor... stoned?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. .. was she pished?

    Seemed like it to me.
  2. I watched it for Cole, C and to stop my daughters fighting.
  3. Yes think she was on something
  4. Whitney Houston, while being able to hold a tune, was a product of her managers and her musical connections. Her aunt (Sissy Houston) was an extremely talented original member of the "Sweet Inspirations" of Stax/Volt fame. If you look to truly breathtaking singers in the same frame as Whitney Houston, take a listen to wimmin like Lorraine Ellison and her rendition of "Stay With Me Baby". Now that's what you really call "a voice".

  5. Probably the same as RW was on the week before. A truly talentless bunch of soulless, dribbling arse licking cnuts
  6. Will you lay off the TA??!??! :D
  7. :D :D :D Easy to confuse the two. shhhhhhh BB will get angry again :D
  8. Let them fight, and then let us watch that. Better than X factor and we're all happy.
  9. Well if she wasn't, she should have been.
    Stoned, that is.
    Preferably with big fuck off, sharp rocks.
  10. Houston - 100% stoned, no doubt. Cheryl Cole on the other hand seemed 100% fit ;-)
  11. Bah, read the thread title and thought I'd missed some Middle Eastern field discipline.
  12. Whitney was not stoned, it was just another manifestation of a thyroid problem.
  13. probably same medication Kerry Katona took before breakfast TV
  14. Oh Puh-lease, Cissy Houston is Whitney's mother (not aunty) and there is no doubt that she has a great voice (ravaged by drug abuse no doubt, but great nevertheless).

    She did appear high on something on X-Factor last night, but her performance was pretty good especially since her dress came undone halfway through. I enjoyed her performance way way better than that of Cheryl Cole who has no business whatsoever singing because she does not have a good voice. I must however say that Cheryl's dance routine (choreography) was very entertaining and quite good.

    Goodness knows what Whitney had taken before her performance because she was barely coherent. Nevertheless, not a bad come-back performance after a long hiatus (about 12 years or so since she was last on UK television). When one thinks that she has not appeared here since she was 34 years old, I do not believe that her performance (especially in light of her history) was at all bad.
  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... No, I still can't stop thinking about Bobby Brown digging the constipated sh1t out of her arrse with his fingers.