Whitney Houston Jokes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King-walt, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got any good Whitney Houston jokes?

    Whitney Houston, At least she went out on a high

    What was the last thing that Whitney heard before she died?
    "Houston, we have a problem!"

    What's the difference between Whitney Houston and my piece of junk car?
    At least my car can hit 50.
  2. The real tragedy here is that people will still be able to play her records.
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  3. ‎"Bobby Brown breaks down on hearing news of Whitney."Hardly seems like an appropriate time to start dancing.
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  4. Bobby Brown found dead. A note next to his body says 'Two can play that game'

    Apparently,Bobby Brown WILL be going to Whitney's funeral.......it's his prerogative
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  5. He can be the body guard.
    I bet hes browned off.
  6. She had just completed the sequel to 'The Bodyguard', entitled 'The Bodybag'
  7. Tragic news from the music industry "Jedward and Bieber still alive!"
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  8. Apparently there will be a huge line outside Whitney Houston‘s funeral service. Which coincidentally is what killed her.

    What did Whitney Houston and Apollo 13 have in common? A major crack problem.
  9. [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD]Looks like Whitney Houston is cool again now that she's just made the transition from mainstream to the underground.

    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD]The ku klux klan today described whitney houstons condition as "satisfactory"...

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  10. Even Gavin from Autoglass couldn't sort out her crack problem!
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  11. I found an old black bag full of drugs floating in a bath yesterday.
  12. What's the difference between a Diva and a Diver:

    A Diva can't breathe underwater.
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  13. One Dies, Millions Cry. Millions Die, No One Cries.

    The difference between Whitney's death and the wank I just had.

    Turns out Whitney was getting ready for a night of passion with her lover when she died... Leaving a voicemail message, she sang down the line "Yes, I'm shaving all my muff, for you...."
  14. What's six inches long and won't be getting sucked on Valentines day?

    Whitney Houstons crack pipe.
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  15. Or, The editor of The Sun says that he is touched by the messages of condolence on Whitney's mobile phone.
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