Whitney Houston Dead

stolen from facebook

What's all pink and girly coloured and lies flat out on a doormat?

Whitney's Valentine's Day cards.
Is she that fat blousey double chinned Jock woman who came second in something?

Fucker owes me a tenner.


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Do you not watch Eastenders?Bianca's going to be gutted.
Can they do that before the watershed? If they can, why stop at Bianca?


Whitney Houston: Born 1963 - Dead
Amy Winehouse: Born 1983 - Dead
Keith Richards: Born 1943 - Alive
Ozzy Osbourne: Born 1948 - Alive

Moral of the story:
Women can't handle their drugs
To be fair, Keith and Ozzy are both walking dead anyway. Elvis didn't handle his drugs well though.


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Steady, you'll set Jockharvey off again, just when he was off on a horse with no name to meet some gentle people. Have to say, he's set me thinking. Perhaps war is a bad thing after all. It's all deep stuff.
War, huh? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!
I watched the news a bit ago and the first twenty minutes was Whitney Houston. After another breaking story, then yet another ten minutes of WH.

Fekk me! It's going to be another Michael Jackson media frenzy. I may as well give up on the news for at least a year.
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