Whitewash of Red Cap enquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by easesprings, Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. Why should they when they can blame someone else? They have no idea of the concept of honour..................

    The government are scum to blame a sergent who died in the service of his country but sadly this can come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the conduct of the war in Iraq and Blair's appalling behaviour.
  2. Sums up the top brasses attitude towards the fighting man on the ground (just another number!)


    agent smith
  3. This is no surprise from the government but what really disgusts me is for the Top Brass to join in and blame the Sgt!

    So he was to blame for only being issued a radio that didn't meet a decent standard? He was to blame for being sent on a task to help the Iraqi police? He was to blame for staying and helping the soldiers he commands?

    For you top brass who read this, I hope you rot in the lowest pits of hell that you deserve.

    One very pisshed off D-L
  4. My sentiments exactly :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. The top brass have forgotten that ultimate responsibility rests upon their shoulders as army leaders.
    The top brass have always been too far removed in general from the 'guys on the ground', and when they do appear/show some form of interest it is only to be given the 'party line' by well rehearsed subordinates.
  6. I think (only an opinion as haven't read the transcript) that the Sgt is being blamed because the local police offered him/them an exit and he/they didn't take it. Of course, there is no guarantee that even had they taken the exit they'd still be alive but sh1t - he's dead so let's blame him anyway.

    Shades of the Chinook crash.

    Cowardly b*st*rds blaming the dead.
  7. I agree, they are below contempt :evil:
  8. This really is depressing why don’t they just piss on his grave and be done with it just when I think these scum have dropped to a all new low the just keep digging. I hope that Sergeant Simon Hamilton-Jewell and the men under his command can rest in peace oblivious to the attempts to shift the blame by those who they died serving.
  9. Top brass and The goverment have finally realised that the only way they can justify there existance when they mess up is by shifting the blame to those who can no longer justify there decisions. The perfect scapegoat.
    They disgust me.

  10. I agree, why put the blame on those who gave the highest price for their actions. Better to find out what can be done to prevent it happening again.

    Most can think of orders or a task they have been given with little briefing and no kit available and being expected to get on with it. I hope his bosses can sleep easy on their decisions.

    As for the top brass would anyone expect anything different, "cnuts'
  11. Some thoughts:

    1. Send a message to those complicit in this travesty by voting against, and encouraging as many other people as possible to vote against, Bliar and his lot.

    2. In a decade or more, this tragedy (and other whitewashes, such as Mull of Kintyre) may be subject to similar scrutiny to LAC Maddison's case - the arm of the law is long.

    3. Is it time to discard the BoI system and replace it with something (heaven forbid) more impartial?
  12. more impartial :roll: 8O :evil: heaven forbid
  13. The patrol commander took the blame and paid with his life.
    Now the formation commander should answer, one asumes that his career is finished, I saw careers finished for much less.
    Bad bissiness.
  14. What a shock they are using the old "sh*t runs down hill" tactic, God forbid they take the blame!!
    Like the old saying goes we defend democracy, not practice it!!
    All I can say is may God forgive them, cause none of us will!!