Whites 'leaving cities as migrants move in'

Multiculturalism seems to be working then :roll:

White and ethnic minority communities are becoming increasingly separated by growing levels of population movement and immigration, a report says today.

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More white families are moving from London to the regions while many immigrants arrive in the capital from overseas, the think-tank Migrationwatch says.

The change in 10 years has been "extraordinarily rapid'', with 606,000 more people moving out of London than arrived from elsewhere in the country. In the same period, a net 726,000 immigrants arrived in the capital.

Other regions, notably the South West, South East and East Midlands are having to expand rapidly to deal with the white outflow from London, putting strain on their housing, transport, education and health systems.

Of the migration from London, almost 300,000 people moved to the South West between 1993 and 2003 and 181,000 went to the east of England.

Migrationwatch says the changes, even for a city as diverse and as vibrant as London, are "unprecedented''.

It says: "Migration within the UK is mainly from areas of high ethnic minority population to those with predominantly white populations.

"The effect is a rapid increase in the ethnic minority composition of some boroughs, resulting from an outflow of the white population and an inflow of African and Asian international migrants.

"This is accentuated by demographic factors such as the age distribution and fertility rates of some ethnic minority groups. Overall, the result is that the white population of the UK and the ethnic minority are becoming increasingly separated.''

The think-tank says the trend has serious implications for "social cohesion'', a worry expressed by an independent report into the disturbances in Oldham, Burnley and Bradford in 2001.

That report said that different ethnic groups were living "parallel lives'' and issued a warning that the segregation and lack of contact between the races built up fear which was easily exploited by extremists.

The London School of Economics registered findings similar to those of Migrationwatch in a study of the latest census figures.

It found evidence for the first time in Britain of the phenomenon known in America as "white flight", as white families leave areas of high ethnic minority populations. It said that, as a result, members of ethnic minorities in some inner-city areas were becoming more isolated from the white population.

Migrationwatch says there is a "correlation" in London between the rate of people leaving a particular borough and the size of the black and Asian populations there.

For example, Brent had one of the largest net outward migrations and has one of the largest proportions of ethnic minorities at 54 per cent. Newham's net migration was the second highest and it has the highest proportion of black and Asian people at 59 per cent.

Sir Andrew Green, the chairman of Migrationwatch, said: "As international immigration into London and the South East has risen, outward migration has accelerated.

"This is an extremely undesirable development for long-term community relations."

The study is likely to add to the acrimonious debate on immigration, which prompted the Government to announce new measures aimed at reassuring voters that the issue was under control.

Tony Blair told MPs yesterday that the reforms would "probably'' reduce net immigration, which is running at around 150,000 a year.

But Michael Howard, the Tory leader, said that would not happen without an annual ceiling on immigration, of the sort his party has proposed.

Office for National Statistics figures published yesterday suggested that more workers were arriving from eastern Europe since the enlargement of the EU in May than the Government predicted.

More than 90,000 people from the eight former Soviet-bloc states that joined the EU have come to Britain to stay for longer than three months.

Before enlargement, ministers suggested an annual total of between 5,000 and 13,000 additional migrants.

The Home Office said the figures were based on the International Passenger Survey. "They reflect arrivals only and include seasonal workers, students working here for the holidays and others who are here for shorter periods."
Migrationwatch is a think-tank now? Well who knew?

Isn't Sir Andrew Green an 'ethnic minority'?

Still nice little scare story , and coming in so hard on the heels of New Arbeit's revised immigration policy?

My my my , it must be election season. :evil:
Can't see the problem. When I now go for a rare night out in town at least I'm certain to get a good curry and one of those cheap illegal taxis home.

Or should I go home, what with the influx of all those Eastern European ladies of the night? And if all the white middle-class people are moving out then there's less chance of someone I know catching me carrying out multicultural integration down a back alley.
and if it all kicks off, we can all have some free training in crowd control and shouting 'imshi' and 'ahda' in a suitably realistic setting.

Anyway all this 'whites moving out' is nonsense - I hear the PWRR's retention's pretty good.
Don't quite get the last bit of your post Stabtastic. What are you trying to say about the PWRR?
stabtastic said:
Anyway all this 'whites moving out' is nonsense - I hear the PWRR's retention's pretty good.
Please don't shoot me for being a Nazi, but I thought that PWRR's nickname was 'Pakis, W**s, Rastafarians and Refugees' for a good reason?

Besides this whole thing only becomes an issue when they don't integrate themselves and just set up their own communities. I don't mind who comes to live in this country as long as they at least make an effort to get on and live side-by-side with the original inhabitants.


Book Reviewer
PWRR - the Regiment that did exceptionally well in Iraq recently - both its Batallions? The Regiment that is going to absorb the rump of the RGBW? The Regiment whose TA Bn was selected to do an overseas exercise last year after the Regs ran out of men - and did it bloody well?

If the PWRR are an example of what immigration can do, thenI for one am all for it :D

(P.S. I suppose I should declare a personal interest here, like they are meant to do in Parliament).
Want to see what happens once the migration reaches "critical mass"?

Look here:


I don't see any reason to promote a publication or website with links to the American Neo-Nazi movement

buggerit said:

Besides this whole thing only becomes an issue when they don't integrate themselves and just set up their own communities. I don't mind who comes to live in this country as long as they at least make an effort to get on and live side-by-side with the original inhabitants.
Well that's the old definition of "multiculturalism"

The new definition does not involve any integration, indeed it celebrates non-integration, and demands no loyalty to the newly adopted country.
If scary house prices and the stink of car fumes are new phenomena, and everyone is moving out, maybe
Listy said:
Might the movement out of london have soemthing to do with the scary house prices in the capital?

and the fact it stinks of car fumes.
How do 'poor immigrants afford it then? APart from living 50 to a house that is.
Damn it i'm going to have to be rightwing wig nut here. and tar everyone with the same brush and all that.

I appolgise in advance.

easy: the govenment pay for it . either in houseing them while processing their status.
The "poor immigrants" don't have to pay. London boroughs are obliged to house them and are happy to pay the market rate for rented accommodation. London house prices have soared as its population has increased but there has been little increase in the housing stock. Supply and demand.

I have a large house in south London. I took out a large mortgage on it to fund our "white" flight to the west of the country a couple of years ago. Its been let continually at a high rent. A former neighbour of mine has made many millions over the last five years buying large houses and filling them with immigrants. If I wasn't using my capital to feck off overseas, I'd do the same.
I "migrated" out from Clapham: used to live in a nice street off the park, neighbours either people working in the City, or from various ethnic groups who ran local shops and businesses. Was a very nice place and quite comfortably multi-cultural.

However, over the span of a year or so, the crime rate rocketed - cars stolen, muggings, walk-in robberies, threatening behaviour, mobiles being snatched, etc. It got to the point that, if you wanted to put your rubbish in the bin just to the left of the front door, you had to lock the door before walking the two yards to the bin - otherwise, one of the black youths/girls hanging around the street 24hrs per day would rush into the house and nick something. Four times in one particular week in Clapham High Street I had to extricate myself from dangerous confrontations with youths spoiling for a fight as a prelude to mugging - and was I just an unobtrusive bloke doing a bit of shopping. Parts of that area of London now feel as threatening as downtown Niarobi, Lagos, Joberg or Kingston (J) do late at night.

Police response was appalling - (a) for one stolen car they wouldn't even attend to take a statement (b) for another stolen car they refused to take any action "because the hoods will dump it within three days 'cos they know thats how long the reg details take to get onto our computers" (c) a mobile snatched from inside the house, and another from a visiting tradesman both provided itemised bills clearly identifying the thieve's location and contacts - but the Police refused to take an intereste. Etc, etc, etc..

As I said, our street was multicultural, with hardworking Indian, Vietmanese, Chinese, Sri Lankan and other families all living as good neighbours with the white residents. Unfortunately, we all fell under very intimidating 24/7 siege by black thugs (male and female) who came to dominate the area. I didn't have any kids, but I know that most of the neighbours of all all nationalities were resorting to private education or to bussing their kids right out to Sutton/ Twickenham - just in order to get them out of the local schools which had become completely (ie c.95%) dominated by afro-carribbean immigrants.

Don't flame me for some sort of racist diatribe - I'm just stating what led me to migrate out of central London. It was just as bad for my ethnic minority neighbours, but most of them couldn't migrate because they are locked into the small family businesses they run locally.
4T, i think you are more than justified to make those claims. If you have witnessed them in your local community then no-one can shout you down. Just be proud that you were part of a well mannerd integrated community where people once respected each other before it all changed.

It is not racist to dislike the kind of thuggery and lowering standards of safety/ security in London. We, the average bloke, are sick to the back teeth with this kind of behaviour but it it a reflection on todays society. (Telegraph ruffle and ear hair brissle).

As for the earlier remarks about the PWRR, yes, we have a number of ethnic minorities in our ranks. Some of them are Commonwealth sldrs who came along when we were undermanned and therefore a footprint Bn. Others are simply recruited from our area which has a significant ethnic community. We no longer and haven't for some time had the need to recruit from the Commonwealth as we are fully manned (both Bns) but we still take ethnic minorities from our area. Long may we continue to do so as coloured people, asians, etc are a reflection of the South of England. If poeple think that ethnic sldrs (Commonwealth or British) are a problem thren I can tell you that in general they are no better or worse than your average white sldr. They fight as well and are generally good lads. Can't see a problem.
Like I said, I've no problem and I welcome them if they integrate and get on with the local white population. It's this whole new multi-culturalism that demands no loyalty to the new country that drives me up the wall!

Fortunately I've never lived in an area where this has been too much of a problem as they've either happened to be mostly white areas or non-whites run local businesses and put back into the local community. I'm very grateful that I've never been in 4(T)'s position and I'm apalled that anyone in this country should be.
As an immigrant myself, albeit a westerner to another western nation, all those who immigrate and do not try to integrate should sod off. As to those who expect the natives to adapt to them, they should double sod off.

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