Whites 'leaving cities as migrants move in'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Multiculturalism seems to be working then :roll:

  2. Migrationwatch is a think-tank now? Well who knew?

    Isn't Sir Andrew Green an 'ethnic minority'?

    Still nice little scare story , and coming in so hard on the heels of New Arbeit's revised immigration policy?

    My my my , it must be election season. :evil:
  3. Can't see the problem. When I now go for a rare night out in town at least I'm certain to get a good curry and one of those cheap illegal taxis home.

    Or should I go home, what with the influx of all those Eastern European ladies of the night? And if all the white middle-class people are moving out then there's less chance of someone I know catching me carrying out multicultural integration down a back alley.
  4. and if it all kicks off, we can all have some free training in crowd control and shouting 'imshi' and 'ahda' in a suitably realistic setting.

    Anyway all this 'whites moving out' is nonsense - I hear the PWRR's retention's pretty good.
  5. Don't quite get the last bit of your post Stabtastic. What are you trying to say about the PWRR?
  6. Please don't shoot me for being a Nazi, but I thought that PWRR's nickname was 'Pakis, W**s, Rastafarians and Refugees' for a good reason?

    Besides this whole thing only becomes an issue when they don't integrate themselves and just set up their own communities. I don't mind who comes to live in this country as long as they at least make an effort to get on and live side-by-side with the original inhabitants.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    PWRR - the Regiment that did exceptionally well in Iraq recently - both its Batallions? The Regiment that is going to absorb the rump of the RGBW? The Regiment whose TA Bn was selected to do an overseas exercise last year after the Regs ran out of men - and did it bloody well?

    If the PWRR are an example of what immigration can do, thenI for one am all for it :D

    (P.S. I suppose I should declare a personal interest here, like they are meant to do in Parliament).
  8. Oldsnowy/Buggerit - you're both right. As a former Pte of the old 5 Queens I have the utmost respect for PWRR both militarily and culturally.
  9. Want to see what happens once the migration reaches "critical mass"?

    Look here:


    I don't see any reason to promote a publication or website with links to the American Neo-Nazi movement

  10. Well that's the old definition of "multiculturalism"

    The new definition does not involve any integration, indeed it celebrates non-integration, and demands no loyalty to the newly adopted country.
  11. Might the movement out of london have soemthing to do with the scary house prices in the capital?

    and the fact it stinks of car fumes.
  12. If scary house prices and the stink of car fumes are new phenomena, and everyone is moving out, maybe
  13. How do 'poor immigrants afford it then? APart from living 50 to a house that is.
  14. Damn it i'm going to have to be rightwing wig nut here. and tar everyone with the same brush and all that.

    I appolgise in advance.

    easy: the govenment pay for it . either in houseing them while processing their status.
  15. The "poor immigrants" don't have to pay. London boroughs are obliged to house them and are happy to pay the market rate for rented accommodation. London house prices have soared as its population has increased but there has been little increase in the housing stock. Supply and demand.

    I have a large house in south London. I took out a large mortgage on it to fund our "white" flight to the west of the country a couple of years ago. Its been let continually at a high rent. A former neighbour of mine has made many millions over the last five years buying large houses and filling them with immigrants. If I wasn't using my capital to feck off overseas, I'd do the same.