Whitehorse, Rocky Mountains and Argonaut

What does anyone know here about these three camps in Canada? Which is more AT orientated, which is more military orientated, and where else can I find more about it?
All 3 camps are AT orientated but Rocky Mountain is the most strenuous. On the military front, the Royal Canadan Army Cadets don't do fieldcraft as we know it, something to do with a UN agreement about child soldiers.

All three courses are amazing experiences, each with their own pros and cons. You can find more info by talking to your detachment commander, or if you are an adult your company should have lots of info.

BTW are you interested on doin the courses as a cadet?
Am indeed. Fantastically, just discovered we've got some No. 2 Dress in our stores (we've got all kinds of crap lying around in there - since when do cadets need respirators?), so that's used for Whitehorse, which I've applied for now already (The CLI course 2008)
Excellent!! Im my opinion Whitehorse is the best course of the three, but of course I'm biased...

All the best for the selection, be honest in the interviews, and if you need any help, just PM me. Good Luck!
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