Whitehall revolts over Mandelsons recovery spin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer


    'LORD MANDELSON has sparked a Whitehall revolt after demanding a taxpayer-funded marketing campaign to “spin” the economic recovery using Labour slogans.

    A leaked letter reveals how the business secretary has drawn up a strategy for using government advertising to build “wider public confidence” in Labour’s handling of the recession.

    The memo orders publicly funded marketing campaigns to carry the message Building Britain’s Future, a line that is also expected to be a key slogan in the party’s general election campaign.

    The move last night prompted an angry backlash from civil servants, who are concerned that their traditional political impartiality has been put under threat.' (my italics)

    bit late for that, I'd have said, but good lord - the nerve of mandelson.
  2. There are NO depths of depravity that this government will not plumb in order to retain 'power'.

    They, this government, are disgraced, disgusting, deceiving, disreputable, dishonest and disbelieved in everything they say.

    The man Mandelson, twice dismissed for dishonesty, is a danger to this country, to democracy and to the principle of free and honest government.

    When will someone have the guts to reform the House of so-called 'Lords' in order that filth such as Mandelson, Paul, Ahmed, Bragg, Birt, Uddin and DOZENS of other 'cronies', may no longer hold sway over our lives?
  3. Shades of Dr Goebels, The State always tells the Truth, no matter how big the Lie is. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. Doesn't make much difference. They're already spending vast amounts of our cash on propaganda. Bear in mind that Alastair Campbell, Derek Draper and Damian McBride were all supposedly impartial civil servants when they worked at No 10.

    I'd be surprised if they can find any free advertising slots. Every time I turn on the telly or open a paper, all I see is:-

    'Hilarious' yet, somehow unemployed luvvie Jennie Eclair telling me not to eat too much salt on behalf of the Food Standards Agency.

    The 'drowning puppy' ad about global warming (cost: £6 million and they didn't even pay for the dog).

    God knows how many ads telling me that I'm a child molester if I don't stop smoking.

    Patronising, five-a-day propaganda telling me to eat fewer chips and more fruit courtesy of the NHS.

    Fcuking Keith Chegwin telling me to eat less fruit and more chips on behalf of the Potato Council. Oh - and don't forget to splash on the salt and vinegar, just to pi$$ off Jenny Eclair (Cost: £600,000 - no wonder the web site shows Chegwin grinning like a paedophile in a playground.)

    Scary ads reminding me that I'll go to prison if I commit benefit fraud. (Unless I'm an MEP and immune from prosecution).

    Ferociously patronising bolleaux on a Saturday morning where the 'King of the Fireflies' reminds kids not to play with matches - seems that guns and flick knives are OK.

    Dead of night stuff reminding us that the mentally ill can make a contribution to the workplace. Let's see Gordon spring Peter Sutcliffe from Broadmoor then and give him a job watching his kids at No 10.
  5. These b@stards will do anything to stay in government. I've said it before and I'll say it again - they're not gone yet, and I wouldn't put it past them to pull of some dodgy stunt (or a number of dodgy stunts) to 'win' the next election.

    Mandlesons a grade A 'fucking cunt' so this sort of thing comes as no surprise to be honest.
  6. this is nothing new, its just a bit more blatant.
  7. I'm beginning to suspect the confrontations between UAF, EDL, WDL etc are being orchestrated by the government in order to raise the possibility of "Civil Unrest". Watch out for a few inner city riots, police unable to cope, state of emergency declared...

    Trouble is, I'm not joking!
  8. Tin foil set to one side for a moment, I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see it and have been saying so for round 2 years now.
    I believe Brown will use whatever means necessary to cling onto power (he knows best after all) and Mandelson will help him.
  9. Indeed, nothing new. Fill your boots:

  10. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Depressingly I've just watched V for Vendetta again tonight...half thought it was the news.

  11. I know i shouldn't bother but, ...

    There is a difference between a public service announcement and what labour have been doing.

    They have used government money to fund 'documentaries' which support labour policies, even though they butcher the real facts of the situation. Labour is now blatantly using public money to fund party political bradcasts. This is theft of our money and a deliberate attempt to subvert democracy. It is criminal, although we know no-one will be prosecuted for it.
  12. Indeed, but there does seem to be much more of this stuff these days. How many adverts are on the telly threatening people these days (we'll crush your car if it's not taxed/pay your TV licence or you'll get a criminal record/know your limits it's 2 - 3 units a day) all that sort of sh!te.

    Personally they can fcuk right off, I drive the highest emission car I can afford, don't give a tinkers cuss for their 'recommended daily limits' and I'll eat whatever I feel like thank you very much. I'm certainly not going to have my decisions influenced by the sort of sh!te who's in government just now. So why the fook do I need to pay for it all?
  13. They didn't spend all that time sneaking the Civil Contigencies Act through for nothing you know!
  14. Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him?
  15. In many ways, that film was bang on the nose as political commentary; but its makers failed to predict that, before the time the film was set, smoking in pubs would have been outlawed.

    Life may imitate art, but sometimes art lags quite badly behind life.

    All the best,