Whitehall job cuts body needs more staff – to cut jobs

See "Yes Minister" episode titled "The Economy Drive" Sir Humphrey would be proud the the civil service is still as it was in his day!.
Private Eye has interesting snippets on the amount of consultants now employed in public service,

P Eye - hp sauce

Funny how most of the companies used :

a) contribute to the Labour Party 8O
b) employ ex ministers as directors when they leave 8O
c) have their chiefs appointed to quangos 8O

Would not be so bad if it did not cost a fortune and what they did was any good, look at PFI hospitals or the National Insurance system as an example

Nice work if you can get it.

This country is being run like a banana republic :roll:
I have been told in the past that the two yes, minister and the yes, prime minister series was Margaret Thatchers favourite shows. I often wonder if it is because of how close to the truth they really are!!!

If ever a new series is produced I am sure this story could find its way into the script somewhere.
I have the complete collection of Yes Minister & Yes PM.
The more I see of the Blur Gobernment the more I consider these two series to be basic party Training material.

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