Whitedot Freeride Skis - Pro-Deal Offer to Military and Arrse Readers

Hi all,

Having hung my boots up from the Army some 2 years ago, I am now a co-owner and director in a ski manufacturing company who make 'freeride skis'. In an effort to put something back to those still involved I am pleased to offer Arsse members a 'pro-deal' on our skis.

You can find out more about the skis at WhiteDot Freeride - The 21st Century European Ski Manufacturer - we have a limited stock available now that we have supplied to our distributors and retailer across the world, and we wanted to offer this out to our personal networks while we can.

These skis are used on the Freeride World Tour and very much gathering a following across Scandinavia, Alps and Rockies.

We will also be pledging 10% of the profit on the sales to Help for Heroes. Please email me with any questions and follow up - mark@whitedotfreeride.com


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