Whitechapel Post Office - baby behind counter

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SelfLoadingRifle, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday, I was queuing in the main Whitechapel Post Office. I was behind a young mum with a baby in a pram. Glancing at her, I noticed that her jaw was on the floor and that she was gazing with amazement towards the counter. I followed her gaze. Behind the counter was a young Muslim girl - who couldn't have been more than 17 - wearing a hijab. She was counting money for a customer with one hand... AND HOLDING A VERY YOUNG BABY IN THE OTHER 8O 8O 8O Both of her hands were covered in arabic writing put on with henna.

    How can you do your job behind the counter efficiently AND look after a very young infant at the same time?

    Is this normal Post Office working practice?


    Is there some Post Office waiver of regs in cases like this in recognition of faith?

    What would/does Health & Safety have to say?

    Would any ARRSE member who works for the Royal Mail like to comment?

    Personally I really think that this is taking the p1ss. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.

    SLR :( :(
  2. daz

    daz LE

    And which bit do you have most problems with?

    Having a nipper in her hand (presumable there with the consent of the management) or the fact she was young Muslim girl wearing a hijab who happened to have Arabic writing on her hands?

    The fact that she’s a young Muslim girl wearing a hijab is immaterial to the story if your concern is really about the baby, after all she could have been a Rasta will long dreadlocks, or a teenage chav with huge earrings and a baseball cap.

    Unless, of course it’s the fact she was young Muslim girl wearing the hijab that’s really the bit you have a problem with, it seems you have problems with people who pray towards Mecca, hopefully when they read your crap they will launch a fatwa against you.
  3. Its probably a promotional thing, buy twenty quids worth of stamps and get a free kid. Can someone tell Madonna ?
  4. The post office staff don't always work for Royal Mail.

    They often own the post office and the shops connected to them and merely do work for royal mail.

    It's quite possible she lives in the post office, or a flat above it.

    If she was serving food i might have some objection, would you rather she left the nipper to cry alone all day covered in it's own sh1t

    At least she's a working mum and not a drain on the DSS
  5. I'd just like to voice my outrage and disgust too. I was taking the bus into town the other day , and a young white mother wearimng a blouse and skirt and hoopy earrings had the sheer gall to fetch one of her chebs out and suckle her mewling infant on the journey.

    Personally , I think it's taking the p*ss , she could have been less discrete when she wopped out the Norton.

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum , would any Arrse members who work for Centro care to comment?

    Especially if you still have the cabin video , she was a bit of a looker as well.
  6. daz

    daz LE


    You’re only upset and outraged because she refused to wop the other one out for you to suckle on :D
  7. "Excuse me , babies full up and I still got a bit left , could you help?" :D

    You take my point Daz, the selfish cow. Send them all back I say.
  8. Didn't you petrol bomb the counter???? Ferkin slacker... hehehe
  9. daz

    daz LE


    Sorry mate, you can’t, well not for another week, see it’s the school holidays and the 6th form is shut along with the rest of the school :D
  10. You work for Centro Daz? She was very young , I expect it was a field trip or summat :)
  11. daz

    daz LE


    No mate, I’ve just got an interest in lactating ladies, but I do know someone who works for Centro, trouble is, he’s one of those people responsible for junk mail, or mass marketing as they prefer to call it, wrong department I’m afraid.
  12. The problem I have, after seeing countless other examples of this sort of thing in the media, is that there seems to be one law for them, and another law completely for the rest of us. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THAT A POST OFFICE COUNTER IS AN APPROPRIATE PLACE FOR A YOUNG BABY? ALSO, CAN YOU SEE ANY NATIVE WOMAN OF ANGLO SAXON OR CELTIC ORIGINS GETTING AWAY WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT?[/b]

    ALSO: Just for the record, I have Muslim friends, I have read the Koran plus other books on the faith, including a biography of Muhammed. I know a damn sight more about it than you. RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM COMBINED WITH LACK OF INTEGRATION IS MY PROBLEM, NOT THE FAITH ITSELF.


  13. How did you know she was muslim? Her head might have been cold!

    Don't tell me.....You read arabic too?

    Bully for you! Listen chompy YOU asked the question, expect some responses. Surely being that educated on the faith means you'd have a better grasp on the reality of the situation, non?

    So it's your problem now? Oh dear you do have a lot on your plate!

    Thank Allah!

    I do believe you have bitten Sir!
  14. Henna tattoos. The last word in muslim chav.