Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cheese, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. I have seen a few more people startignt o use mini 'whiteboards', a few sheets of white plastic bound by a keyring or similar. They wrote on themin pencil, which could be rubbed off.

    Anyone any ideas on how these are made?

  2. As above, PLASTICARD (TM), available from model shops and some craft outlets, in various sizes and thicknesses. A quick Google will throw-up lots of suppliers.
  3. go to your local model shop and buy some modeling card. Cut it to the size you require and amount of pages you need. Put all the pieces one on top of the other and make a hole all the way through one of the corners. Get a ring from a keyring and feed it through all the holes, hey presto job done.
  4. Why not just use a waterproof notebook though ?
  5. Pages stick together (except RITR), expensive (especially RITR!), non-reusable

    Thanks for the help!
  6. It doesnt run out, its probably cheaper too, and it wipes clean tres-rapide.

    personally i find it easier to whip them out when trying to write down a grid or sitrep in the field, when 4 other things are going on and someones shouting in your ear.

    However orders / stuff when youve got time to think about what youre doing/ time to fanny about digging around and opening a notebook, is much better in a wp notebook ill admit.

  7. Just remins me of the white patch on a fig11 target to be honest.

    On the other hand sounds like a good idea for a quick scratch pad
  8. Just cut out the right size piece of paper (as many of them as you need) and laminate them.

    Do as many as you need, hole punch one corner and keyring them together.

    Needn't make it any harder.
  9. Sounds like a divers slate. A piece of white plastic that is textured enough to use a pencil on it under water. Cheap and sounds like what you are after.
  10. Laminated paper doesn't work the same. It always comes away from the paper when you fold it. And when you holepunch it, as soon as it gets wet it seeps into the paper.

    Thanks for the help, i've now built one having overcome the obstacle of the local anorak model train shop owner.

  11. The inserts from the 200rnd GPMG ammo boxes? ok maybe thicker but they are free, we used to have them taped tothe top of the episcopes.