Whiteboard Comics

Every day I try and draw a "Today in History" comic on my classroom whiteboard.
Generally, I only have 20ish minutes to do it while I'm multitasking and doing a million other things to get the kids situated and start the day. 9 times out of 10, it's a rush job, and I later cringe at mistakes I don't see while I'm doing it in the moment. Poor draftsmanship being the most obvious. Not to mention, the occasional misspelling, poor grammar, incorrect data, a bad caricature and a million other things. I use photo reference when I can and wing it when I can't.
Here are a few to start the thread, I'll add more when I have time.

196543_734493342681_1379768845_n.jpg 382203_773042794271_143867378_n.jpg 420936_742041216681_631586723_n.jpg 48049_792348680121_1091066363_n.jpg 483817_781400515331_102168334_n.jpg ve.jpg


you should photo these each day and put it on a blog, you will be surprised at the amount of interest you will get.
Excellent stuff. The only thing I ever wrote on a whiteboard was Aresoles in the top left corner and fish? in the bottom right. Wish I'd had a history teacher like you.
They are brilliant, good work. My interest in history was helped no end by an inspiring history teacher, you will be creating a fair few future historians with those comics. Very good effort sir.
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