White Van man is Very Spunky

There have been some ethical concerns raised over the practice. In the case of sperm donation, the anonymity is the issue.
'Don't tell him your name, Pike' walt.
I wonder what the chances are that this kind spūnk donating sanaritan is actually not acting alone...possible scenario: he roams the countryside in his windowless white panel van picking up homeless vagrant unclean types, gobbling them in the back, spitting it a bag, delivering it to recipients, then killing the hobo so nobody is the wiser......it would be the trifecta of fcuked up ness....


Book Reviewer
Just a thought...

If he emerges, red faced, from his passion wagon and rings the doorbell only to find the intended recipient isn't in, what does he do with his delivery?

Drink it, or slop it through the letter box for the Spaniel to lap up off the carpet?
If they’re not in, he leaves a card and spooges through next door’s letterbox.

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