WHITE Season on BBC2.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Samurai, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Beginning Friday 7th March, BBC is commencing the "White Season" - a series of programs aiming to explore the question; Is Britain's White Working Class being ignored?

    To coincide, the following story can be found on the BBC webby's front page: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7281107.stm

    Well done that bloke, in my opinion. Being the beeb, however, can we trust that the 'debate' will not most likely culminate in the conclusion that multiculturalism is great, and that anyone who disagrees is a racist?

    The homepage for the WHITE season is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/white/

    It's acting up for me now though, which is odd. I was on it a minute ago. It's got clips of each of the programs we can look forward to.

    Apologies if this isn't in the right forum.
  2. Bought time!

    I'm sick of hearing about black and asian tv/music/groups etc etc
  3. They seem to have gone for the easiest target in the "White Working Class", which we were all promised some years ago was actually a thing of the past. We're a classless society now, aren't we? As you say, the buildup points towards a conclusion already well set in the minds of the Social Engineers, which you will agree with, or else.

    I am not a racist and I don'rt care about colour or religion. It is good to see how the indigenous population are viewing recent immigrant invasion, causing ubsettlement and cultural changes in nearly every British community.

    One is still ( I hope) entitled to an opinion without fear of do-gooders, and active cultures, accusing one of racism.

    But what of this matter of asylum seekers and unemployable migrants?

    Personally, I see rather a lot of immigrants (who, it appears, are handed cars, phones and accopmmodation from somewhere) in the town centre, or hanging round on street corners, contributing nothing to their hosts or to our economy.

    My opinion? > not to be stated here.
  5. How absurd dear fellow; and any more speak like that and you'll be flogged :oops: :oops: :oops:
  6. I couldn't agree more with regards to 'the target'.

    They go for a poor, unemployed, working class communiity. Poorly educated on the whole and believing of the bigotted garbage that the Sun pumps out. How do I know the community - I worked within it for a time.
  7. Optimist, eh? :)
  8. Language of despair, there, and possibly patronising or even insulting to that "community"?

    True, though. Go for it.

    (Edit: I thought that all those TV soap operas were about the 'working class'. On the few occasions that I've peeked through the door when Mrs WB is dosing herself with East End opium, they look prosperous enough; certainly more so than most of the "communities" I've worked in in other countries. I don't believe there is such a thing as what used to be called a 'working class' now, just an underclass of the workshy, ignorant, criminal and stupid, plus those who have genuine reasons for being down there (who should be in our society's safety net), and that now comprises the grouping of those people you note, Sven.)
  9. Excellent,lots of "everyday tales,about everyday kind of folk" well done BBC.
  10. The preamble to the programme, on the News at 1, said that they chose a community which was about the most white in Britain.

    I could have suggested many more that have the same ethnic mix (or lack of), but no doubt it would have had a totally different outcome to the programme.
  11. Wouldn't like to live anywhere near Easington now. They'll be infested with Social Studies doctoral students in no time, spreading nasty foreign diseases.
  12. One of the other programmes to be shown in this short season of documentaries comes from Barking, Essex. Hardly a poor, unemployed, working class community. it just happens to be the area where the BNP are the second largest party on the local council. These are excerpts from one of the papers:-

    1) Tomorrow night’s Last Orders features members of struggling Wibsey Working Men’s Club in Bradford, West Yorks.
    They say they are being driven into the arms of the extremist BNP by a Labour Party that no longer cares about them. They say the heart has been ripped from their communities as mass immigration has seen them lose their traditions and their jobs. And they warn of a bloody race war.

    2)In another show next week, The Poles Are Coming, locals in Peterborough, Cambs, say services have been stretched to breaking point. One primary school in the city has just one child who speaks English as a first language at home.

    3)And next Friday’s All White In Barking focuses on the Essex town where more than 10,000 residents recently voted for the BNP, now the second-largest party in the area.
    So, it's not just about the poor unemployed white working class, the programme was filmed at different spots in the UK.
  13. I recently had the dubious fortune to read a dense market research report about focus groups from a year or so ago, consisting of white British "ABs," that slightly outdated socioeconomic grouping that nominally consists of upper managerial and top executive workers but in all practicality consist of upper-incomes and "landed folks." These people also represent about 26% of adult Britain.

    I can assure you that these people, talking amongst themselves, had no such illusions about a 'classless Britain,' and were quite sure of where they themselves fit on that class ladder. For instance, one of my favorite quotes:

    If Social Engineering results in setting working-class people and immigrants at each other's throats, then critical analysis may lead us to wonder...who benefits?
  14. I wonder if the BBC will do a search for a few of the white underclass in Birmingham:

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  15. Zanu Labour stopped representing their traditional voters decades ago. Just taken a long time for people to realise.

    One of the things that happened in commie circles as their prophet turned out to be wrong on everything was "the proletariat" got shifted to being the third world and the west as a whole became "the capitalists". Pilger is a good example of that type.

    It ties in with other stuff as well but either way the end result is that the white working class are Zanu Labour's kulaks.

    Picture a load of invading Daleks saying "Diversify! Diversify!" instead of "Exterminate! Exterminate!" and you'll have a pretty accurate picture of the reality of what's been going on unreported for years and years and years.

    BBC/Zanu Labour trying to head the BNP off at the pass is my guess.