White poppy discussion on Question time

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Narcissus, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Can some one record this please as I am sans TV
  2. LML,

    You can view it on the bbc website here
  3. i had it on in the backround whilst on the computer but rageh omar defended the red poppy saying he was brought up to believe it was to honour the dead of all nations of the empire and everyone else on the panel said it should not be hijacked for political reasons so i cant complain really i was quite suprised to be honest
  4. I was at Cheltenham College with Rageh Omar!

    He spoke pretty well, I think. I did notice that he was wearing a white linen-type jacket and I wonder if he might be thinking about following in the footsteps of a certain former BBC war correspondent.
  5. There was a good debate on Sky news last night regarding white poppys.
  6. Just watched it (thanks Fuzzy-Wuzzy) all of them failed to pick up on the fact that the white poppy is being sold for political reasons Malcolm Rifkin even made it sound like the RBL was offering the choice of red or white.
  7. watchin it now. bit suprised actually. shame omar is goin to al jazheera