White poppies only should be worn...

Says no-mark Luvvy!

Mark Rylance said white poppies would symbolise civilian war casualties (PA)

WHITE poppies should be worn on Remembrance Day because red ones risk making war seem “inevitable”, Mark Rylance, the actor, has said.
Rylance called for white poppies to be worn instead as a symbol of peace and to recognise the 90 per cent of war casualties who are now civilian, not military.
“The safest place to be on a battlefield was in the military," he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, referring to recent wars. “I felt, therefore, that the remembrance only of the military dead and wounded was not very accurate."
Rylance, a former artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, said he had “enormous sympathy” for soldiers’ suffering, but he added: “I think it’s a slightly different thing if you sign up to go out and fight in one of these wars and you know that 90 per cent of the people who are going to suffer will be civilian people who have not signed up to the war.
“So it is a slightly different thing if you have agreed to be part of it than if you are just a bystander or a child or people at a wedding who get hurt."
He added: “I am a little concerned that the red poppy, which began in France as a way of raising money for children who were orphaned by war, has now become a way of raising money to cover the cost that I think the Government or perhaps the arms manufacturers themselves would be better to pay for."
Rylance said there was a danger that wearing a red poppy “perpetuates” the view that war is inevitable.

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Well aside from the notion that the Government should be held to account for every wounded solider for the rest of their lives, and not fobbed off with a tiny amount that barely covers the basic costs. And that the white poppy is for all casultees in war not just civvies. He's just a luvy and he would say that
Obviously the pillock doesn't know the origin & significance of the red poppy.
This bloke is obviously a cunt........fucking lentil eating, tree hugging, fucking screamer.

Most likely looking for a bit of publicicty and knows he's done fuck all to get any, so pops up in the media talking about poppies knowing he'll get the publicicty he craves and get his gipping mug on the internet.

Fucking shakespearian twat......I read macbeth in school and it didn't turn me into a raving swerver........cunt.
Why is it that these type of people feel that they are qualified in any way to comment, he's a Z list celebrity arsewipe who should crawl back under his stone,I blame the lifeguard who skived off and let him in the gene pool. Room for more on the bus, ding ding.
Isn't the white poppy used to collect funds for a Politically motivated anti war group? If so I believe he may well be talking out of his utterly shit hat.

The poppy remembers the War dead. I recall no distinction between the apparel they wore when the grim reaper came calling.
I was always led to believe that ignorance is no excuse at all.
what is he promoting?

No doubt a cynically placed comment to generate outrage traffic to whatever it is

quick google..............yep doing Richard the turd at the Apollo

PS do not click on Daily mail links every time you do you help the cunts generate income..JUST SAY NO
Soldiers don't have the choice of being on the battlefield, unlike no mark fucking civvies.
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