White, Middle class.....

White, Middle Class, young & clever, well that will stop you getting into Uni. In the Express today it says that the Higher Education Admissions Committee (that advise Lying b*stard Blair and his Lickspittle Government) want Uni's to take people based on colour or background rather than intelligence.

So it's not racist to tell whites to sod off because of their colour but do the same with non whites and you're a racist, well what can you expect from blair.
Gotta link, mr Armourer?
Saw this written on a [male] toilet wall...

DIE Blair you mother**cking piece of dirt, DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE. And your frog-faced, money-grabbing, morally-challenged po-faced bitch of a wife. And now I think about it, your blood line should be exterminated too. DIE DIE DIE etc etc.

Perhaps the chap may have got 5 A* A-levels and been rejected from Uni in favour of someone with 3 Ds but does not know who his father is and lives in a poor part of town. WHAT on earth is the UK coming too? Going to finish my time and take my family to Oz and may the last middle-class white male with education, a good income [before Tax] and traditional family values please turn out the lights. Leave the toilet infested flea-pit to Blair, the Chavs and the benefit-chasing immigrants.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: For the record I agree with the toilet poetry - I hope Blair comes to very painful end - soon.

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