White Males Barred From Fire Birgade Open Days

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Santa_Sunday, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. Discriminatiom

    Is anyone even remotely surprised by this kind of utter PC bollox anymore..??
  2. Not in the slightest :roll:
  3. Why aren't the FBU jumping all over this? Imagine if there was a mass walk out - or even resignation? Then Avon Fire & Rescue wouldn't have to worry about the inconvenience of employing non-ethnics. Dibble and the screws are no different, so don't bother applying for a job with them either... unless you fit the... erm... bill (pun unintended).
  4. The former Great Britain now known as softtouchistan RIP
  5. This is what Avon F&RS has to say at this link: http://www.avonfire.gov.uk/Avon/News/Have-a-go+days.htm
    "The service currently has a uniformed workforce which comprises 97% white males. Under Communities for Local Government (CLG) targets that are set for all fire and rescue services, AF&RS is expected to make steps towards a uniformed workforce comprising 15% female and 3% BME staff.

    Barbara Brown, Head of AF&RS’s Equalities and Diversity Team said: “The stark reality is that we are some way off these targets and aside from our moral obligation and business imperative to better reflect the communities we serve, we could also potentially face criticism and other intervention from external sources if we didn’t take steps to address these imbalances."

    It seems tey would be up the creek minus paddles if they don't try to increase their "BME & female" staff numbers thanks to Local Government guidelines. Not the firies fault, they are just bound by PC crap from above - a bit like soldiers really... (not in all respects - just PC crap)
  6. Can I sue them for Racism, they have hurt my feelings
  7. There shouldnt be 'targets for ethnic groups. Muslims dont want to be firemen because it means working hard. Cant imagine asians running to save a brewery on fire, or entering a church that was set on fire, and I cannot imagine the fire engine pulling over to the side of the road to allow the prayer mats to be laid out.

    Wasnt it Avon fire brigade that got done because some firemen caught some pouffs rogering each other in a park and complained so the firemen got disciplined ??
  8. Is there anything else our minorities want handing to them on a plate ........ Mind you is there anything left to hand them on a plate
  9. Surely this is mostly to do with the area ? There are still many semi rural parts of the UK where there are very few ethnic minorities and maybe Avon/Somerset is just one of those areas ?

    I must admit I had never really thought about it until a few years ago when I took my godsons primary school photo into work and showed it to my multi ethnic team. Several of them pointed out and thought it remarkable that there was just one black child in a school photo with 150 kids on it taken in Norfolk. In the future that young lad is going to be very busy doing 10 local authority jobs at once to meet the authorities BME targets :D

    However, even if geography were the reason for Avons position I would have thought that they would at least employ more women, so maybe there may be some sense in the campaign after all.
  10. Its not just the Fire Service its every where, as a White Hetro sexual male, I want the same chance as the women and the ethnic. But it is now weighted against me. In the Police we have the Federation, which is then broken down with a womens Federation, Black and Asian Federation, and Gay and Lesbian Federation. All good jobs advertised state applicants from females and Ethnics are encouraged to apply. All Ethnics get mentored if they want it, all women Sgts and above, can receive mentoring, so can the disabled. But nothing for White Males. Welcome to the World how long before Ethnics and women in the Forces receive one to one Tutoring prior to Brecon, Small arms, and Sgts Exams.
    New Zealand here I come, God I used to love this Country.
  11. Well when my house catches fire and me and my family burn to death i'll be happy to know that the firfighters that turn up meet the quotas from local government! and not the best people for the job!!!
  12. See Emperor mong has moved into diversity training :twisted: .
    Run special open days for ethnics and women no one will care .
    Great idea cheers for that . :twisted:
  13. Everyone should have the same opportunities irrespective of race, sex, colour etc.

    The best men or women for the job get selected because of that, they are the best.

    So it seems A & S Fire Brigade are happy to accept second best? Glad I dont live there.
  14. Me no expert, but: setting aside the 'outraged of the shires' stuff, is this actually legal? After all the cases of people being sued/taken to court for discrimination in hiring/firing, I cannot believe a 'white male' somewhere couldn't bring a case against them for being refused a chance at the job? Or is it like top trumps, and my CRE targets outrank your measly anti-discrimination legislation?

    I thought that the law was the law, and that there are laws saying that jobs are open to all, irrespective of race,creed, gender etc. When was that law overturned? Or am I just very naive?
  15. You mlaring panhead. What a complete load of twonk. I think in addition to spouting utter drivel you are also confusing Muslims and asians!