White Lanyards



Hmmn I've heard conflicting ditties re this one, I'm sure you know.

Aren't they called planks? I heard its coz they run away from their guns.  :p Is that true/false?

However, I was attached to 3 RHA several years ago in Topcliffe. What an excellent Regiment. any way the RHA distance themselves from the Field Artillery, dont blame 'em coz they dont wear white lanyards. Looks a bit daft if the truth be known.
Let me correct u all


1.  Why we called planks, was because we used dead bodies to pave the way for the guns.  It was quite muddy in them days and horses refused to work.

2.  White lanyard was easier to see in the mud and in the dark.


The questions with answered have been answered and that should be the end of it!
Capt Flash Ard Sor - you 'ave missed a bit.

Lanyards are not worn by RHA regiments - only flat button regiments (RA).
yes we wear the lanyard on the other side to every one for leaving the Guns because the loggies delivered the wrong ammo and we took flight as well as some vital firing components the engineers used rope to fire the guns after getting the right ammo and get to wear a lanyard
that's also the reason for yellow stripe on stable belt.
BUT IT WAS ONLY MENT TO BE FOR 100YEARS. And as far as I can remember it was during the Boer war which finished in 1900 so eh Could the Royal Engineers please return the lanyards that belong to the RA?


The Right Honourable Bullshit,


I am well aware the RHA do not wear white Lanyards, I should know becauase I was posted to  them for three years. They also commonly refer to the the other RA regt's as Flatties. So I hope that has cleared that one up.

Regards, Capt. Slack Bladder

(The Somme trenches, Western Front)
The RHA boys wear Balls for buttons but no lanyard.

RA Regts wear lanyards for 2 reasons firstly, as a tinder light for firing cannons and then subsequently replaced with a cord to actually pull the firing mechanism to activate the guns because it was to dangerous to stand inside the trails.  
How can you be a grumblin subbie grumblin? These days you are not subbies long enough to be grumblin!!
Nurse. Know your limits. These are manly regular army things you are discussing and as a girly TA nurse you may be vulnerable.............oops sorry if you're in the Gunners or Cav site you are probably okay
They don't wear stable belts because theirs trouser are held up nicely by their svelte figure Unlike the steamies who are fat and need help holding anything up near the waist
Just to let the TARA know was with RA for 10 years before becoming a QA
Yes we were stable belts in ad but thats not strange as that is laid down in regs (boring I know).  queersandsteers, well I am led to believe that is a welsh thing so maybe scots and brits not.  All gun bunnys have to do is line it up and fire. us ad have to steer it for a bit.  That takes brians and not brawn.  so why do they send us brawn and not brain. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Several rather useless dim wits (would make good gun crew)!

Unwanted gift from training to an A.D regt.

Bidding starts at 1 frozen sausage roll!
or someone with a bit of common sense! :D :D :D

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