White House Wants Saddam Tried as Soon as Possible


under pressure from Republican allies to have Saddam Hussein put on trial swiftly, a move they hope might boost support for the Iraq war before the November presidential election.
Putting a spotlight on Saddam's record of execution and torture could help shore up public support for the invasion damaged by a U.S. prison abuse scandal, Sen. Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, said on Wednesday.
Boost their prospects in Election year? 8O 8O

Mr. Specter, they're hoping he dies of natural causes in Election year, because if he doesn't , he is going to get on that stand, and be convincing and eloquent. Especially, when he talks about his previous "Special relationship" with the United States.

The last thing the Administration wants before November, is Saddam on the stand.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said U.S. and Iraqi officials were discussing the timing of Saddam's trial.

"We would like to see him face justice as soon as possible by that tribunal," McClellan said, but added: "I'm not putting a time frame on it."
Scott, you're not quite as big a bulls*it artist as Ari Fleischer, but it's a photofinish.
Saddam is in a position to embarrass the Washington "nomenklatura."

There is just no way they are going allow him to climb into the witness box and be gently led by his lawyer into telling all the nasty stuff he knows.
"Q: Kindly tell the court where, when, and under what circumstances you first met Mr. Rumsfeld.


"Q: And who was it in Washington who suggested to you that you might be of assistance in curtailing the excess population of Iran?


"Q: And what did Miss Glaspie have to say to you about the views of the US government in the matter of your country's oil rights dispute with Kuwait?

"Prosecutor: Objection! I object!!! Your Honor, I never....

"Court: We'll take a brief recess. Counsel will see me in chambers."

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