"White House preparing to stage new September 11"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. http://en.rian.ru/world/20070720/69340886.html

    While I agree that new 911 type tragedy would be highly profitable for mr.Bush from political point of view unlikely it would be staged or 'orchestrated' by the administration. Though the former Reagan official is well aware about political kitchen from inside.
  2. Thats very theoretical for a Friday!

    *lines room with tin foil*
  3. I'll believe it when I see it.

    As I've said before, I find it amusing and ironic that an administration which is composed of incompetents, leaks information like a sieve, and is headed by a man widely derided as an idiot, is at the same time credited with having the ability to 'orchestrate' the 9/11 attacks.

    The "former Reagan official" has also been out of the "political kitchen" for nearly twenty years...he's also an economist, which in my lamentable experience of such people means that he imagines himself an absolute authority on everything, usually subjects with nothing whatsoever to do with economics.

    Did I mention that he is something of a 9/11 conspiracy theorist?
  4. Gallowglass, I think that you are right. You are right in each your phrase. Though the interview is worth to be discussed.


    What does it mean btw?


    Note, courts decision has not been mentioned.

    I fancy that all peace activists fall to these categories. Apparently information about corruption of American firms in Iraq 'undermines' the efforts.
  5. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/07/19/the-pentagon-issues-warning-to-clinton/

    Would mrs Clinton be allowed to take part in the ellections? Would her property be blocked?
  6. Gallowglass:
    Has it ever occurred to you Gallowglass, that the clever and powerful are operating behind a veneer of incompetence. How better to keep the designs secret and deflect any sense of enquiry from a complacent public.
    Of course this must have occurred to you surely? Afterall there is long standing highly visible evidence of such right in front of our eyes.
    The man responsible for spouting the words in my signature is obviously a man not capable of organising the proverbial p'iss up.

    But whatever faults he may have, the man who stands behind the chimps throne and who occupies the vice presidents office can hardly be described as 'incompetent' now can he?
    (Did you read the 5 part Cheney story in the Washpost at all? It was most revealing indeed. It is he who is in fact in power and the chimp is there to be dull witted and incurious and sign and spout as and when required. And the more incoherent the chimp is the better it suits Mr Cheney's purpose)

    Incompetence was used to great effect in Iraq during the Bremmer stage. All those young know nothing Republican die hards with heads full of bible babble were sent out there to be incompetent so that the country would fall apart and at the same time they wouldn't spot the blatant rip offs and corruption happening right under their noses. I could go on about the applied use of loyalist incompetence by the clever but wont right now.
    Suffice it to say that incompetent people have deliberately been used to undermine and corrupt the major organs of state.
    Brownie really did do a heck off a job, and thats no lie.

    Very interesting this one. The penalty is the give away here. Once this gets around it'll cause a complete self censorship syndrome throughout the middle class and above as each individual now worries about keeping secure their personal assets. (Gallowglass, pay attention, this is clever there is no sign of incompetence here.)
    At first blush one might think to introduce such a mesure at this stage of the Iraq game was superfluous. But that would be complacent and dead wrong. First you get the middle class used to shutting the f'uck up critizing the Iraq war. Then when they have got with the program, only then do you launch an attack on Iran. At that point large sections of society will have a mass siesure as their powerful need to protest is met by the equally powerful need to keep their mouths shut. Also at that point the carefully nutured fear of terrorism will then be suplanted by a need to keep their heads down and not get caught. The manipulation of fear in a fascist regime goes through phases. And that one will be the biggy.
    The way these guys are operating will in the future become a classic case study of the steady introduction of Fascist measures in to society without frightening any more of the horses than need be at any given time. This ones aimed at Liberal money.
    If you think this fanciful checkout Micheal Ledeen a neo con who studied Italian Fascism at an Italian university back in the seventies. And who incidently was in Italy having meetings with the Italian secret service around the time of the Niger yellow cake forgeries.
  7. I think the noise from all the spring's in the AK has sent Sergy a little loopy. Or is it the beer I'm drinking. :twisted:
  8. If the president claims executive privilege on this one suspicions should be raised.
    First Bush would finally have gone completly into King John mode. Giving himself not only the right to hold persons without charge indefinitely but claiming the right not to have to disclose any such evidence that they might have against such people.
    When he does that the correct position to take is, until further notified we have to assume there isn't any.
    But what it will also reveal is that he himself has something to hide.

  9. I'm afraid it would be more likely staged than not. I dont think he would use it against someone like Hillary Clinton but he may likely use it in some staged event to cut off funds to Iran (or someone similar) and to make it look like he stopped some attack from reaching US soil. If he stages an attack on our soil, he still would have lost all credibility.

    It does have repercussions for anyone who criticizes the administration but it doesn't hold water legally. They only way he could pull it off is if he convinces enough of us that an attack was eminent. Most these days wont buy it, I hope. It would certainly fall flat if he tried to use it against a political opponent. I'm sure it will be challenged by congress right away. This is not something he is allowed to do.
  10. I do believe the main threat is the administration more than any terrorist group. That is the one thing I do agree with. I just think they can't pull it off. But then I'm relying on Democrats to save us and they haven't always stood firm (see Iraq war authorization).
  11. But unlikely in would happen in USA. Everyone would ask how American secret services allowed terror act on American soil. Maybe in the UK? There is a lot of wouldbe-terrorist or semi-terrorist Mulims groups, organisations in the UK. 'Unknown' source 'helps' one of them, supplies with arms, explosives, money. In theory it is possible.
  12. I doubt the US is stupid enough to ferment terrorist activity in its closest ally. As soon as it was realised that the US caused it, the whole world would turn against the US (what's left of the world that isn't already anti-US).

    It simply wouldn't happen because of the risk, Sergey.
  13. Yes, the risk is big. But there exist schemes that make the revelation in fact impossible.

    What actually is needed?

    To find few would be terrorist groups in the UK. It is not so difficult problem. Could such an organisation receive donations from 'their Mulim brothers'? Why not? This help could be made by complex multi-stage route with using of several proxi organisations, criminal gangs.

    CIA used criminals in attempts to kill Castro. Why doesn't it impossible now.
  14. Oh, it's possible, Sergey. I just mean that the US would have to be on crack to try it with the UK - we're the best allies they have, and they know it.
  15. The world is full of conspiracy theorists. While I will b ethe first to admit that open government does not actually exist anywhere in the world and the excuse for secrecy is often National Security it sems that some people , some ARRSE members included, are determined to see an hidden agenda in everything that governments do. The statement does not say that assets etc will be confiscated but will b efrozen, as someone who doesn't want to blown up I'm quitye prepared to forgo a few of my civil liberties if it's going to keep me alive.