White House March Out/In

In just over 1h time, the Bush family will hand over their quarter to the Obamas.
With Arsse members' long and frequent experience of these traumatic events, how do we think it will go? Comments welcome on behalf of Barrack Warden, Bush, Obama, w/o Bush, w/o Obama.
(For older members - visions of Forks, Dining next to Forks, Fish, a quick double down to the end of the garden for Fork, Gardening (polished), then back to the indoor inventory, etc)
I've heard that Bush has curled one out in a sock and left it behind the radiator in the oval office.


The $150 million spent on the "festivities" for the first black prez; the Dems were whining about $40 million for the Bush inaugural.


I say swear him in at the front door of the white house and have him go on the clock immediately (like any other gobmint employee) and get to work.



War Hero
Will the Bush's now find themselves in a fleabitten 'welfare flat' while waiting for the optimistically titled Removal "Service" to finish smashing their furniture?

Will the Obama's have just got themselves unpacked and settled in before the Housing Office decides they should have new carpets fitted throughout?

Will the neighbours get a sad on about the family of darkies moving in?
did you hear about the gardener that got sacked from the White House? He was heard muttering 'Wheres that f*cking spade?'
Wonder if he managed to get the cooker back together again? I used to leave the cleanest cookers in the world but always had a few bits left over. Don't think any of them ever worked properly either, but they were damn clean.
Right Mr Bush, the oven is fu'cking minging and the hall carpet will have to be replaced, but you're right about one thing, all those sperm stains in the oval office were already there when you took office.
I wonder if the Bushes were up to the small hours cleaning and polishing?

It was like that 8 years ago, Sir. Honest. The Estate Warden told me it would be OK when I handed over.

Honest, Sir! :D

Daz_of_hudds said:
If I was Obama the first order of busines would be to have a w#=k at the desk 8)

More like F-ck his missus up against the bullet proof glass with 1 million people outside wearing Obama T-shirts and waving banners...

With Obama Shouting

'Who's the daddy, who's.... the fecking daddy?'

:D :D
Sky have just credited Obama with being a "political whizzkid, coming up with the expression "Yes We Can" ".

Funny, I could have sworn Bob the Builder was using that a long time before he used it.
Apparently prior to George W moving in Bill Clinton's staffers went round removing all the 'w' keys from the keyboards. Oh what a jolly jape...


What the fook is this map of Africa on the mattress??


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Vimeiro said:
Bet the oven wasn't clean enough!

I wonder if they'll take it out to check Mrs B has cleaned behind and underneath it?

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