White House Intruder??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Just seen a report on tv about guns being used to subdue a WH intruder?? Has anyone got anymore on this or have I not woke up properly from a deep sleep?? :?
  2. You have not woken up properly, they were on about Bush he shouldn't be in there:):):)

  3. Good job it was not in the UK or he would have managed to climb a wall somewhere with a father for justice banner!!
  4. Why are the security people so quick to assume that this intruder wanted to do harm to the great man?

    He could be a Halliburton shareholder wanting to shake him by the hand and congratulate him - the steady rise in the stock price matches almost exactly the increasing rate of US soldiers killed.

  5. Surely you're not suggesting thats theres anyone outside of his little cabal who woudnt wish to harm him?
  6. In following the link, I discovered that one of the people behind this group is Ralph Nader - well, there goes any credibility Halliburton Watch may have had...
  7. Yes and Dick Cheney is just Mr Credibility!
  8. Well, yes...but really, Nader?
  9. What you are not going to give credit to the man who brought Watchdog style consumerist protection to the Americans but without
    Lynn Faulds Wood and Anne Robinson into the bargin? A saint in my eyes!
  10. But he was the Green Party candidate for goodness sake, and he is widely blamed by many in the United States for splitting the Democrat vote in 2000.
  11. Well then the Democratic candidate shouldn't have been so crap.
  12. You won't find me crying any tears of sympathy for the Dems - any party which can have Howard Dean (Mk. I Lunatic) and Ted Kennedy (Grade A Has-been) in its ranks deserves nothing but contempt.
  13. The Presidents brain is missing,
    they just sent out an armed search party for it.
    wrong President

    Our older viewers will know what i mean :p