White House gets tapes of Bush "marijuana" chat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An author who secretly taped conversations in which George W. Bush indicated he had used marijuana has turned the tapes over to the president's private counsel, the White House says.

The White House was irritated last month when Doug Wead released portions of his recorded conversations with Bush from 1998 to 2000, when Bush was governor of Texas and planning his White House run.


""I wouldn't answer the marijuana question. You know why? Because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried," Bush says on one tape"

A president on Dope... or used to be,,, same shit... Could they arrest him for that? :roll: :roll:
There is a video on the Whitehouse site, of an interview Bush 43/44 is doing. In this video, as a girlfriend who deals with this sort of thing tells me, he exhibits all the symptoms of someone who has just indulged in Bolivian go-faster powder.
So your telling me that he's "still on drugs"?

No wonder the pr^ck cant put two sentences together... More money to Columbia, Mexico, Afghanistan and Venzuela.... Man, Bush got some weird friends, The Bin Ladens and some drug lords...God Bless America! :?
No I'm not saying he's still on drugs. I'm saying a girlfriend who works with drug re-hab cases brought this video to my attention with the words "I'm sure he's on something exotic"
With all due respect, PTP, the President is exercising the God Given Republican perogative to be a substance abuser whilst making big song and dance about rediscovering the Lord, and sending lots of poorer and uglier people to jail for essentially the same offence.

God bless us all.
bernoulli said:
uglier people

God bless us all.
Uglier than Bush... I dont think so, well there are two Exceptions, Camilla and Kerry :D
Drugs are bad, children, mmkay??

Watching some of his speeches, i wonder if hes has just smoked a bong.

Whereas when i watch el capitan (tone) making a speech i wonder if he has just finished a line of charlie. He cant string a sentence together and uses full stops where there should be a pause. Smug lawyer talk i suspect!


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