White House considers building Death Star

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. From The Daily Telegraph:

    White House to consider building a Death Star - Telegraph

    Sounds plausible.

  2. Doesn't hurt to be prepared I say.
  3. Well the leader is black and all powerful! So go for it I say ^^
  4. Deathstar 2 has bar armour over all of the vents.
  5. With our defense budget we will make do with Freddie Star. At lest it will deter the kids.
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  6. Err...a blocked up vent is a contradiction in terms is it not?
  7. Well boss, I got one of the boys to cut some MDF to fit, couple of battens to hold it in, she'll be ready Thursday, if Andy brings the rawlplugs in on time. Tell you what, let's call it Friday, just to be certain.
  8. Get estimates will you?
  9. Where does the Sharkmouth and uber kewl pilot callsign get painted? Darthman, this is Viper coming in hot with snake and nape Jawas in the open...
  10. Wasn't this something Reagan was touting back in the mid 80's?
  11. Septics paying are they? $42 billion, I can't say fairer than that guv, mate's rate ain't it. Best make it $50 billion, just in case anything unexpected crops up, that space-MDF can be tricky stuff.

    That Princess Leia, up for a bit of "entertaining the troops" is she?

  12. 42 billion?

    I know a few Polish lads who could put it together for 10 grand.
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  13. But as we knock off early on a Friday, and you don't want any gear left on site over the weekend, lets call it a week Monday to be doubly certain. Now, who's for a brew?

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