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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ancient, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. whats the criteria for joining and whats involved in the job , apart from the obvious . Any information appreciated.
  2. What's the obvious?
  3. I would assume the obvious being able to ride a bike, which iirc (which would be a first) wasnt a specific need.
  4. Must have a white helmet ?

    Purple helmets need not apply
  5. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Get your head in HQ SOinC(A) PD 205. That will give you a good heads up about the team and how to go about joining the team.

    Selection cse in Oct/Nov time.

    If in doubt, give the Team Capt/Sgt a ring and they will be able to tell you more.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!
  6. WAH :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. The criteria is being stupid enough to want to halt your promotion.
  8. Why WAH?
  9. And you know this from personal experience obviously.
  10. No. Personally I wasn't stupid enough. But I know folk who were.
  11. There is nothing stupid about it.
  12. You don´t need to be able to drive a motorbike, nor does it "halt" your promotions.

    If you fancy a rewarding tour, away from sweeping garages and the mundane stuff then why not?

    It is certainly not run of the mill.

    I´v never done it myself but I wouldn´t knock it just becuase I haven´t tried it. I´ve known several members of the team, prior during and safter their tours with teh helmets.
  13. Ok, maybe I was a bit harsh. It is a bit different and probably a tad more exciting than sweeping garages, but I would try my hardest to persuade someone not to go. If they are only planning a short career then fair enough, but can you seriously say that it does not harm your promotion prospects?

    How could someone who rides a motorbike around be promoted ahead of a guy who is doing his trade and deploying on Ops?
  14. Not only does it not harm your career, but as long as you only do your 3 year post there, it actually GOOD for your career, and that is straight from MCM Div themselves!
  15. The key is the one tour and remembering that you are mortal when you return to Regt Duty. Couple of guys I knew had been in WH and were great lads, another younger lad, thought he was somewhere between Valention Rossi/Evel Knievel and CDS.