White Helmets

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ancient, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Heard a request for volunteers to apply . W hats involved in selection and the job ?
  2. OMG take cover! incoming!
  3. You have to paint it, to take away the shiny pink appearance
  4. The ability to read a paper while sitting on the handlebars would help.
  5. Plenty of threads on this already. Filing that speak to the guys direct on the number given out on the posters.
  6. I believe that they evolved from the old Despatch Rider trade.

    Always seemed to be 'sons of the soil" or "ex Geordie miners" but invariably good blokes.

    As I walked out of the gate a long, long time ago and have had no contact with the Corps since, can someone tell me whether DR is still run by us or some other mob?
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    RLC postal couriers?
  8. Thank you RP. :wink:
  9. I had a white helmet once, the doctor told me it was thrush
  10. Dispatch riders are not RLC P and C. They are still sort of retained by the Corps.

    Not a trade though. Generally a Liney on a harley :) Last used during Telic, but IIRC extensively used during Granby.
  11. Thanks Choc Frog.

    A young Liney on a Harley eh?

    When I get to heaven I'm gonna tell God he's cnut for not letting me be

    "a young Liney on a Harley"

    "Young man rejoice in your youth" Platoon, I think.

    Edited because I did realise the ferocity of the swear monster.
  12. There is a rather snazzy "police bike" with "Royal Signals" emblazoned on the sides (in lieu of "Police") in the Corps´Museum.

    IIRC, the last designated Dispatch Rider post(s) was part of 238 Signal Squadron (Chelsea Barracks) and used to zip about getting the Queen the odd scratch card and Jellied Eels.

    Don´t think the post is still used though, and probably died off when 238 became 638 Sig Troop.
  13. The old DR is still going but at 251 after 238 closed down. 2 or 3 people within 251 do it. Not a huge demand for them, but they do still fill in that role.
  14. Liney on a Harley what on earth. I had a BSA british made bike, mind you it would be a bit heavy for the youngsters today.
  15. The selection will be broken down into 2 phases.

    Phase 1 off road riding on Bovington tank trg area.

    Phase 2 Arena riding in Blandford Camp..


    Along the way your ability to speak to a crowd, will be tested. You will also be expected to be able to keep yourself, your kit, bike etc in a clean and serviceable condition.Due to the bumps and bangs YOU may get on the course you will also be expected to show a robust and humours attitude.BUT the ability to work as a team will also be very carefully assesed. Basicly if your a nice person, that can look after himself OR herself and DO AS YOUR TOLD. Then....You should be ok...
    Now days a recruiting role is a good PLUS point on a CR/SJAR. You need to be class 2 in trade by the time you are TOS.

    Hope this helps, If any more questions send me a message.