White Helmets Triumphs.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dogs_bollox, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Any old lags able to tell me much about the 1970s Triumph tiger 750's that were used back then ?

    What mods were made to the bikes with rear suspension? You know, type of handlebars, mods to engine, seat etc. were the mods done by the Team ?

    Anyone know where I could get a pair of No.1's in a fat barsteward 36" or 38" waist to go with my tiger and Barbour and DR boots ? At my age I'm lucky that I'm only that fat. :wink: Were the No.1's modified by tapering in the calves to fit into the boots ?

  2. Triumphs? They were usually unmitigated failures.
  3. I seem to recall that the TR7Vs were more or less bog standard. The No 1s had breeches rather than trousers, I think - sort of blue jodphurs with a red stripe. Boots appeared to be Lewis Leathers cop boots.
  4. Never mind the bikes, I'm sure there are some pictures somewhere of the bird who appeared in Mayfair vol 11 number 8 who claimed a connection to the Helmets..........
  5. That was an unrelated claim to do with Purple helmets!!! :)
  6. There were and still are 2 different basic bikes used by the RSMDT. All of them are TR7's, the first are basically standard but with lights and road fittings removed, knobbly(ish) tyres for arena type work and flatter handlebars to make it easier to sit on backwards, and cut down rear mudguard and a raised front mudguardd. Also the silencers have been removed, with no real special tuning needed. In addition some may have had slightly better brakes etc.

    The other type are the trick bikes, used for the heavy balancing tricks which had welded rear suspension and different fittings welded on to aid with tricks, I imagine it was the first type you want to replicate.

    The blues uniform is a standard Royal Signals tunic worn with riding breaches (the type that officers wear usually) and Altberg Classics motorcycle boots.

    Why you'd want to replicate this I have no idea but hope this helps!
  7. Oh yea, and all the mods used to be done by Triumph until the Meriden factory closed, then the new fleet was purchased from LF Harris, who had the licence to produce the old Triumph's. The mods were then done by the team, but the latest ones arent really modded, they are built the way you see them and the team fixes it's own bikes.
  8. Display team Walt :p
  9. I've been 'outed' :)

    It's the bike i wanted to replicate. Bike clothing I was merely interested in as it never looked particulary suitable for the type of stuff the Wellies do.

    Ever tried doing gymnastics in dress blues ? ! :D

    Thanks for the sensible info Scaleyback ! :thumleft:

  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    In the 13th issue 2009 of Back Street Heroes there's a Triumph timeline and it says about Les Harris of Racing Spares in Devon being licenced to build the Tigers from 1984.