white helmets ( so in c a ) opening show 2005

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by whytry, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. weather taken into account , still the best display team in the armed forces ? would you not agree........only reply if you witnessed todays show.
  2. I'll reply, only because you told me not too. Considering an individual display by the white helmets only has an crowd of, say a few hundred, not likely to attract a feaver of replies is it. But that said, i'm sure they done well, they always do.

  3. cleared up nicely half way through. Good show
  4. 8) The lads and lasses of the 'Helmets did well - and no one fell off! Top riding on very wet ground - good show :)
  5. Who gives a *cuk
  6. From what i've heard it was a good show ( i was wrapped up in bed with a hangover) so well done lads.

    The team still contains some tw@ts though, especially the 2 who tried to kick off with me last friday.
  7. hi the bull.............shouldnt tar everyone with the same brush ....pray tell who were the 2 idiots?
    my guess is they were both young ,dum,and full of booze.maybe even new lads to the white helmet team for this year ? probably need a little education..................................still i think they had a cracking WET and FOGGY show.
  8. Thud, the sound of whytry hitting the nail square on the head. I'll edit my post to reflect this
  9. I wasn't there but you are asking for it with that kind of statement:

    Last time I saw the Helms they were on motorbikes. Unless they are now in shiny red jet aircraft and performing their manouvres at hundreds of kilometers an hour in the air, the answer is "No", they are not the best display team in the armed forces.
  10. Lets be frankly honest the only reason people show up to a white helmet show is to see if they fall off :lol: :lol:
  11. Thats right bull!!!! especialy that daft pyramid thing!!!!!!!

    Its nice to see the little fella at the top do some sort of strange commando roll as he hits the deck! He looks suprisingly well practiced in it though!!!!!

    Perhaps he should go to brize and learn propper PLF's!!!!!!(parachute landings!!)
  12. One of their team broke his ankle last week so missed out on the opening show.
  13. yes the red arrows are prehaps in a diffrent league..but the wellys are good value for money...and you can interact with them after a show.unlike the fly boys.............
  14. good on you g3 ops....................are you corps?
  15. Says me. I have even put my name at the top of the post to help you. :wink: