White Helments - Drain on scarce resources?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RTG, Apr 2, 2002.

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  1. RTG

    RTG Swinger

    The White Helments swan around Blandford, visit a few country shows, the odd trip abroad and then think they justify trade pay and to appear on the same promotion boards as the rest of the Corps.

    Can anyone prove that they are a force for good on the recruitment front (not that the Corps has one - Just a retention problem)?

    And why oh why do they insist on riding around Blandford side by side taking up the whole bloody road - Waste of rantion if you ask me!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dear RTG,

    Firstly I wonder are you really a 'proper' RTG or just a wanabee?

    Anyway I think that you are right that the White Helmets spend a fair part of the winter in Blandford, because most of the shows are concentrated into the summer months.  So I think it is fair to say that they do their fair share of work albeit crammed into one part of the year.

    It would be difficult to prove a direct link to Corps recruiting, but they help to raise the profile and keep us in the public eye.  They therefore have to keep their trade pay and promotion prospects to ensure that we can find enough volunteers.

    Do you really think that in these days of lean budgets and defence cuts that we would keep them if they were not value for money?  Also I have always been under the impression that they raise a significant amount of money each year to pay for the upkeep of the equipment.

    So if you fancy a winge, how about all of the dead-wood that sits in Blandford taking pay for very little work?
  3. ;D

    Sprockets - Spakkers

    Cogs - C**ks

    2-Stroke - Stro**rs
    4-Stroke - Strok*rs

    That's what they are.

    Get back to real world, falling off a bike is not as hard as Panzer Rash!!!!!
  4. So the "real" world comprises doing "hard" jobs. Do you want to get rid of satcom and revert to line from cable wagons? With your love of panzer rash, why not transfer to the cavalry and get real mens' challenger rash and then we can fill your billet with someone with pride in the Corps including The White Helmets.
  5. RTG

    RTG Swinger

    FAO Naughty monkey - thank you for your considered response - by way of "reply stand by, read!"

    Definately not a wanna-be - fully morse trg'd at 18WPM and keyboard at 40WPM so I think I count there.

    Plenty of dead wood in Blandford I would agree with you there, but as for value for money some things don't get affected by cost cutting and the point was that White Helments claim to be self funding however they are not:

        Their wages are not paid by the team but from the normal source  MOD to RHQ R Signals via TLB, the same applies for housing, pension etc,  I don't have a problem with that but just dont try to claim want they are not.

    The point about recruiting is their not mine constant cry - I simply pointed out that recruiting is not a problem.  For the past 2 years the Signals have filled over 90% of their allocated places at ATR's and at times have used unfilled slots at ATR's of other Regt and Corps that cannot recruit as well as the Signals.  Prehaps if they would more truthfully claim that they are an aid to retention - ie 2 + years travelling the world drinking and for the single guys humping anything that moves I could see their value.

    Any way enough said here - Look forward to yr response
  6. RTG

    RTG Swinger

    FAO Mercs

    As the originator of this subj the idea was not to go all old fashioned and de-cry modern technology UNLESS we include CLANSMAN and PTARMIGAN (JOKE)- not that the Corps has much modern technology, merely to raise the point that while most people including myself think  that Blandford needs thinning out a little - (a little less fat bastards eating all the pie springs to mind) their is a job that needs doing there but some poeple think that the Corps (ie not Blandford) should be supported to what they require from Blandford and not as the attitude around Blandford appears to be that the Corps is  only there to support Blandford.
  7. A good point - perhaps they are more of a retention aid than recruitment, but even if they only help recruitment in a small way then it is valuable.

    We should not forget that the Corps does not put enough effort into recruitment, especially compared to the average infantry Regt.

    Whilst we may have filled 90% of our places at phase one training recently this has not always been the case.  This causes great problems a few years down the line.  Also due to numerous reasons the total through-put to the field army is rarely enough.

    Anything that we can do to improve the situation is worth trying.  
  8. yes! what a waste of time, resources...and frankly oxygen.
    While they are in Blandford big timing it, they remain on a (field)units strength...and therefore contribute to the current problems of undermanning and overstretch.
    Can any of them actually do their trade?
    Or do they go there to sit out the rest of their time, because they KNOW they are not going to get made up, cos they are arrse at their real job, or cant handle the pressure of the field army??
    who knows?
    its not exactly a career move is it ?
    Mag to Grid!
  9. Oh go on with you, I accept your explanation but that is not what you said. I however disagree with you on another point. You did say that Blandford should not believe that the Corps is there to support Blandford, but surely this is a major step forward. I thought that Blandford refused to acknowledge that the Corps exists at all and certainly wasnt associated with Blandford. Even if they do recognize the Corps I bet they still wont sully themselves with anything as base as the field army or anything to do with supporting operations, except of course when it involves a duty free run. However leaving the White Helmets there will at least give Blandford something to be proud of! Oh and one other thing, the danger with thinning out Blandford is that it will only distribute the nerds around the Corps, better that they remain where we know where they are.
  10. Bigbadjimmyp

    I think you had better get that chip removed from your shoulder.  If not you will always walk with a limp, due to your unbalanced view of the world.....
  11. The White Helmets are a heritage for the Corp. We either like them or loath them, I like the thought of having the Corps name displayed around the country. Better with than without.

    Case in point is the Royal Tournament. Lost forever.

    Love them or leave them alone.
  12. Do the Royal Corps still have the purple helmets?
    The poor mans Red Devils para display team.  
    Always thought they were a drain on resources, rather like the white helmets. Still the public like that sort of thing, and gives them incentive to join the corps in a misguided sense that they will be able to do it as well.

    As a child I used to like to watch the white helmets doing their tricks, and an old relative used to be a dispatch rider during the war. So nothing against the team as such but I do wonder if they are cost effective.
    On the plus side it does give some people the chance to escape crap postings for a while.
  13. White helmets are very enternaining, all those wheelies, and jumping through fire caring not a jot.
    But the best entertainment factor is all the crashes. They truly are the masters of that.
    Only beaten by the cast of JACKASS.

    Keep those helmets polished
  14. Oh yeh and your Rockets.!!!!! ;D
  15. In that case, maybe they could be sponsored by Marmite