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Hi guys,

I'm moving to Hohne soon and I need a new washing machine and fridge freezer. Are the prices a lot cheaper in Germany being on the continent and tax free? There are some decent sales here at the moment in the UK plus they will take away the old items. Do they take away your old appliances in Germany? I'd ditch the old stuff over here but I'll need the appliances for the obvious reasons.

if you buy in a german shop they will norm take your old machine away..
naafi is cheep...and you can always sell your rubbish to the singlies in camp. or leaveit by the road side for the turks to nick..
In Germany you generally have to pay to get rid of fridges and freezers (not sure about other white goods), but you can buy electrical items tax free over here so they can be a little cheaper than in UK. The warranty will be valid as well, which it won't if you buy in UK and take it abroad.

Hope that this helps,

I know in gutersloh you can get rid of fridges and other stuff on the camp i reckon there would be an area on Hohne.
NAAFI are a rip off...you can buy white goods cheaper down the town...tax paid!! The Germans have sales as well...some good bargains to be had.
Litotes said:
...and there was me thinking this was another drugs thread.... :D

Coat, hat, taxi...

I thought it was about slavery :cry:

Litotes I'll go halfies on the taxi - drop me off at the rub a dub :twisted:
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