white gloves

Hi there,

Any advice on getting white parade gloves 'daz white'? Heard that you need to bleach them-any advice on how to go about this and what sort of bleach to use? Also have a rum stain on one! Will the bleach get it off?

A speedy response would be appreciated if you can help

Bleach will rot the cloth if used too often or too concetrated. Just try a concentrated paste of your favourite whiter than white and rince well in clean water. A little bleach should get the rum out but may still mark the glove
Domestos - strong as you like will get rid of your stain, simply soak for about 10 mins, until stain goes. It may need some rubbing if it really dried out well, then rinse out and wash with a nice smelly like BOLD + Fabric Conditioner.
Too much bleach & they go a lovely shade od yellow, Vanish works as does that Glo White stuff

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