White Fleet Vehicle Mileages

Sorry if this is a bone question but I'm currently helping to draft a business case to get some white fleet Land Rover 110s, 130s & Toyota twin cabs replaced and what I wanted to know is is it laid down anywhere (JSP, service publication etc) what the maximum mileages a white fleet vehicle should do before they are replaced. Eg an LR 110 should be replaced before 150,000 miles etc.

Thanks in advance for any answers.
We had a Vauxhall van a Mirvano i believe. it was an 08 plate and got absolutley beasted. It got to 80,000 and my fleet manager then believed that it was due for replacement plus it had been in service for 5 years. It had alot of repairs done to it so in time we did get a replacement. So i think at 80,000/ 5 years you should be able to put it up higher to get replacements. However, if you current vehicles are trouble free, i doubt anything will happen. Such is the state of affairs these days.
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