white fleet familirisation !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by hannibal25, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. hi all

    i need to know from a GS instructor the rules for familiarizing people to white fleet who already have FMT 600's the reason being i need to fam to a C+E lorry that we have but all of our instructors are away in Canada. the really bad problem is i am the one who has to drive the lorry to pick up the frieght seeing as i am the only one with the license. i heard a rumour that if someone else is FAM'd on a white fleet vehicle then they can FAM others on it just so long as a NCO is overseeing this ... is this true or do you have to get a qualified GS instructor to sign your FMT off for it?
  2. Hannibal25,

    its something along the lines of

    Where the vehicle is not listed in the DGS Driver training package, the Transport Manager is to determine the level of conversion training for each driver and formally record all training.

    All driver conversion training is to be conducted by DGSDCI for GS & White fleet, specialist platform instructors for specialist vehicles, you cannot be Fam'd by a non instructor
  3. If anyone is in MT at Regimental level, give them a call. Failing that, try the Brigade Master Driver in the morning.
  4. Just write on the FMT600, scribble a name and signature and drive the vehicle
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  5. How very last Century! :)
  6. Wot he said.

  7. JSP 800, Vol 5 (Edtn 4.1) Part 3, Chapter 9, Specifically 3.9.48 – 3.9.51
  8. Have you got the right licence? Are you physically able to drive it? Do you plan to be sober when you get behind the wheel of it? Will you have a workticket/ATUD/FMT1001 or letter from your mother in a large folder with lots of other useless guff that no one looks at?
    If you can answer yes to them questions then drive the ******* thing, flip the master driver a few ****** signs and tell the dull **** to shove his trimble **** up his saggy arrse as well.
    I'm sure there's less pointless paperwork and hoops to jump through to pilot an aircraft or sail a nuclear submarine than it takes to just drive a ******* motor on the road these days.........
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  9. I had to do a conversion to a 7 seater MPV with an instructor and have it put on my FMT even though for the last ten years my own car was a 7 seat MPV!