White Dog turds

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uncle_ho, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. As a Kid in the 70's I distinctly remember seeing white dog turds. I mentioned this to the guys I work with and everyone apart from one person who thinks he might remember them seems to think Im talking shite. Has my memory been clouded by too many bottles of becks or did white dog turds really exist ? Dog turds are hard to spot these days due to the widespread uses of pooper scoopers but I still maintain they existed in the 70's. Something to do with calcium in thier biscuits. Maybe, Perhaps.
  2. Mine still does them! After a good bone!
  3. Quite right , I too am a child of the seventies and can remember the chalky white pavement cigars. I would agree that diet was a contribitory factor in the colour.
  4. Yep,

    You are right. They were everywhere - don't know where they have gone now. Maybe its different dog food. In the middle ages there used to be a profession of collecting the white ones because they were high in saltpetre. Didn't Baldrick do it once?
  5. I remember white dog turds. Don't know the chemical theory as to how they were produced but they certainly existed in the Walderslade area of Chatham.
  6. Yep dog eggs were white in the 70s and even when freshly laid could be kicked into a white dust cloud and many a childrens war game had an improvised smoke grenade launched between bushes by a kid wearing NHS glasses with a plaster over one lense.

    ..I think the whitness was caused by dog food makers at the time using a mixture of chalk and bone meal in Fidos nosh.

  7. Bloody hell, do you bone your dog. :wink:
  8. Cheers ! I knew it couldn't be just me who remembered them.
  9. I vaguely remember this being discussed somewhere on ARRSE before. I think someone said it's the ingredients in the commercial dog foods having changed thus making the poop stay brown and not go white. Either that or it's the El Niño effect.
  10. RTFQ


    Not only were dog turds white well into the eighties, but cow-pats could be picked up and thrown like frisbies, with the little wet bit in the middle providing a nice secondary area affect upon impact. Wagon wheels and monstermunch were bigger too. And kids TV was a LOT less gay.
  11. Didn't watch Rainbow then?
  12. it was definitely around in the early 80's..... i used it to chalk on a line across my nose like Adam ant.
  13. RTFQ


    I'd like to see you call Bungle gay to his face, and george was a founding member of the Chelsea Headhunters. NOT to be fecked with, I can tell you.
  14. Yeah..... and Zippy only had that Zip to hold his face together after being slashed during a ruck at Millwall in 1974.

    Rod, Jane and Freddie were blamed for the introduction of a particularly pure batch of "china white" heroin to Birmingham in 1978 resulting in the death of the clangers.
  15. But did you throw cowpats like a frisbee?