White births minority in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_wolf, May 17, 2012.

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  1. I wonder how many of their parents pay income tax? Latest stats indicate only 50% of working Americans pay Federal income tax!
    In another generation we'll be able to halve minimum wage and bring all our factories back to the USA - gotta love that social engineering
  2. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Very interesting indeed.

    As the article touches on, there is probably a huge array of socio-economic factors that explain this away in a very mundane fashion.

    Undoubtedly some hard line US politicians will drag this onto their band wagon for their usual "herp-a-derp they took our jobs!" immigration stance.
  3. In bed? .. I should think.
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  5. "You see, Baldrick, sometimes a Mummy and a Daddy, who love each other very much, develop certain feelings for each other..."

  6. Shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Original inhabitants were non white. It's been a country founded on immigration from all over the world, and for decades they imported hundreds of thousands of black slaves from Africa.
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  7. Scarily to only 73 fathers
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  8. Exactly, if there was one country in which this was a pretty meaningless statistic, it's the US. As long as the babies are healthy and their parents aren't interbreeding, who cares?
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  9. Tick Tock Tick Tock...to quote the hispanic maids in Raising Hope
  10. That starts at about $40K as I recall, median income has fallen to $50K, so as you say nearly half of Septics pay just payroll and state taxes. Latinos are normally struggling along on 25% less than whites, their unemployment levels are about the same as too many new jobs are low wage jobs, so I'd expect most of those brown kids parents don't pay income tax.

    The economics of offshoring to China are no longer about wage levels, if you look at an operation like Foxconn they are a fairly insignificant part of the costs and Apple could move it all to Texas now if that was what mattered. It's now mostly about economies of scale, proximity to suppliers, precision manual labor, massive government intervention to create supporting infrastructure and of course minimal labor protection. There are a lot of advantages in operating in an authoritarian state as opposed to a democracy and increasingly the US is losing its ability to compete. I saw even the contract for the next bay area bridge went to China, because they are building them all the time whereas US companies do so rarely, public investment being what it is.

    Halving the US minimum wage would really make no difference, nor would the reintroduction of slavery for that matter, the race to the bottom has already been lost but goes on, those jobs have been spunked away permanently.
  11. Al, I'm a little more optimistic than you regarding the return of American manufacturing jobs, they're trickling back.
    Regarding the wee broon men earning less than their 'white' contemporaries - perhaps, though only those who refuse to learn English and think education is not macho - and, of course the 12 - 15,000,000 who are here illegally, the rest do OK - if my Latino buddies are anything to go by.
  12. The US founded its self on freedom!! which quickly lead to its American dream, so a country that's fundamentally about opportunity and pride in where everyone has come from didn't expect opportunists and boat loads of swathy sorts? I guess they're still dreaming eh?.. in truth however you'd think most of the Americans, (which aren't really American but Caucasians) would have browned off by now. though there is that (cancer)walking abomination that was in the news recently, she's certainly browed off.
  13. Only in moderation please, these chaps had been loyal English gentlemen a couple of years before they allied with the French in the most celebrated tax dodge in history mainly motivated by the maintenance of a slave economies and a desire to nick all the natives land despite crown treaties.

    The great hero of this caper Washington, was a most unpromising participant in HMG's wars with the natives and a failed British army applicant, hardly a consistent libertarian he was also a notably brutal slave owner who is said to have casually lopped toes off his property to inhibit escape. His ideological decedents are still doing their damnedest to suppress the growing dusky vote by hiking ID requirements and deny every sprog dropped US soil citizenship.

    It could have been worse, my backwoods Scotch-Irish cousins who did most of the fighting (actually running away until the Redcoats were exhausted as was traditional in Scotland) for big bad George wanted a full blown Taliban style peoples theocracy just without the moderation. The poor dumb bastards got outfoxed by a bunch of slippery Eastern Seaborne legal types "The Founders". Strange whiggish coves infected with highfalutin enlightenment ideas of Godless politics mainly authored by half-gay Frogs and big brained Sweaties who The Kirk would surely have burned at the stake if it hadn't been for 1690.
  14. Al. You were doing fine with your tongue in cheek summation until the bit about voter ID! Why not? Would you have just anyone vote? Foreigners on vacation, illegals? Babies born in the USA to opportunist foreigners being denied citizenship? Damn right!

    I don't know which socialist make believe Shangri-La you live in but I'm thinking the pot must be free. Peace!

    Dammit I bit and I promised myself I wouldn't, Ya wee mash bastart ye!