White Belts

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bushnut, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. I am trying to source some white belts for use on Remembrance Sunday by the Watch Party/Honour Guard. Struggling so far through all 'normal' channels (SQMS, RQMS etc).

    Belts are required for 6 people.

    Any pointers? Thanks.
  2. Ebay
    Walt Re-enactment sites
    Paint green ones (and ruin your uniform)
  3. Thanks for that intelligent input!
  4. Ha. Fcuk you then i was being serious!
  5. They do sell strips of the white shi*e on EBAY, 5 squid and will fit the fattest RLC bloke. Buckle's, we use our corps buckle same as stable belt.
  6. Not a white belt you need blobmeister you to$$er ... white feather more like it, you weirdo forum stalker.
  7. Still don't have to WALT my 9 gongs matey, I earnt them. Now who's stalking? has been!
  8. Ack, reminds me when i used shoe-whitener on our passout belts..
  9. Your attitude shows you have earned NOTHING in your life pond dweller
  10. Just like your attitude on the other forum? you set the tone as i made observations.
  11. John Bull at Catterick sells it by the metre plus keeps & they also do buckles as well:


    Give them a bell for prices on 01748 833614
  12. Ladies. Not that this is the most exciting thread in the world but pulling it off topic is surely a bit b1tchy of you.

    Why not start a thread in the Naafi and continue your slag match.
  13. Then what you do is go back to that forum and answer there. What you don't do is follow someone to another topic (which you have no interest in) purely to belittle them. All you have done is be abusive and disrespectful because someone else had the audacity to disagree with your views. The actions of a coward.
  14. I was being legit, the white belts that are made from White plastic Shi*e are on EBAY for a good price of 5 pounds! I would like to draw a line in the sand and take this opportunity to apologise to you K13eod (sincere) and others if i have offended?
  15. You've put me off white belts for life. I'll just have to sign off now so i never have to wear one again. Loss of wages and pension please!