White belt for No 2s

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. right you RMP type people, i am after a favour please.

    is there a nsn for your white belts :?: :?: :?: :?:

    i'm an engineer & we do not hold them at our unit.

    require one for my neice's wedding in june.

    cheers people.

  2. No NSN as far as I know, we all purchase or aquire our own, usually as people leave they are handed down. Try eBay or any of the online uniform sites (messdress.com). They are not too expensive. You will need to have it modified as they come plain without any badge. A drill and a No2 Dress Collar Badge usually does the job.
  3. Definitely no NSN, a personal purchase item I'm afraid.
  4. thanks for the speedy replies & cheers for the info.

    all the best.

  5. Try your local RMP Company someone might even be generous enough to lend you one just swap badges for the day.
  6. I have one that is no longer required, if you want the belt please contact me.
  7. Said belts are available to buy from Potters of Aldershot. They supply drums, bandsmen kit, including said belts. I have tried to find an internet link, but think it is one of theose charming old spots that are not on the internet!

    Isn't it amazing how, some day, some how, everyone, even knocker, needs a policeman!

    Exemplo Ducemus!
  8. I de-kitted last year and the store bloke was more interested, (was like xmas) in my white belt. Apparently like rocking horse shit.
  9. I got mine from George Potts near aldershot, its a music shop and then just drill through the buckle and attach a collar dog. I must admit they were rubbish at delivering them but thats where the Regimental shop get them from. £35 4 years ago. I dont have the address to hand.
  10. Knocker,

    try QMs at Depot RSME or Medway Medals on 01634 572277, does blues and everything else ask for Barney he is ex corps
  11. If anyone needs a white coralene belt, go to www.cadetdirect.com and they do them on there.
    i think they are £25 without the badge on.