White America is black: and so is white Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gobbyidiot, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Pure garbage. :x I'm surprised the Times paid him for that POS. Obviously he's never met Pat Buchanan and he doesn't have a clue.
  2. "“The Scot, Pict, Briton, Roman, Dane, submit, / And with the English-Saxon all unite ... Fate jumbled them together, God knows how; / Whate’er they were, they’re true-born English now ... Since scarce one family is left alive, / Which does not from some foreigner derive.”

    All these gropus are European, mostly Northern European who formed the English/British.

    It's a bullshit argument. We've only had mass immigration from outside Europe since after 1945.
  3. Afrocentrist historical revionist bullsh1te…
  4. So you are Sparticus?
  5. No..... Nor am I King Arthur risen up to expel the invaders.
    Joe Soap is more my ilk I'm afraid.
  6. Makes you wonder what the history books will say about early 21st century Britian in a hundred years or so doesn't it?
  7. It'll say: Early in the 21st Century the UK became known as Britistan, the British aborigines, descended from Africans, had by the end of the 20th Century declined rapidly in numbers .......

  8. My guess would be, it started well, but all went to a bag of rat shite, and then was lost to the PC HR movement.

    God bless her and all who sailed on her blah blah blah.
  9. Yup, agree also...seems he's forgotten the 'good 'ol' boys' with deeply tanned necks..
  10. I haven't met Pat Buchanan either, but I don't have to know him to think he's a d!ck. He's certainly put enough of his opinions out in the public forum for people to form their own ideas.

    I also happen to think he's right - about America, anyway. It's very convenient that some Americans take the sixty or so years of segregated suburbia that we artificially created and remember that as the "real" America. But I don't think the situation is really comparable to Britain.

  11. "In the last years if the 20th Century, the Liebour party led by Saint Tony of B'Liar were finally able to right the egregious wrong inflicted on the non nordic world by Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives and once more allowed all the excluded blacks, whites, pinks, browns, yellows and all the other excluded true denizens of Britain to once more return to their ancestoral home…"
  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not necessarily:

    In 1720s S.Carolina 65% of the population were Black Slaves

    From a few calculations based on the census from 1790-1820 for the total US we can the African American Population was always a significant segment of the population, mostly in the South:

    1790:- Total: 3,929,214
    Slave: 697,681
    %Pop: 17.75
    1800:- Total: 5,308,483
    Slave: 893,602
    %Pop: 16.83
    1810:- Total: 7,239,881
    %Pop: 16.46
    1820:- Total: 9,638,453
    Slave: 1,538,022
    %Pop: 15.95

    Thanks to Tindall & Shi & the following two websites: