White Al-Qaeda 1500 Strong in the UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SmithsRail, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Interesting. But no real surprise that AQ is desperate to recruit whites. They are also probably desperate to obtain Suitcase Nukes, Bio-Weapons etc. Does'nt mean there going to get them anytime soon.
  2. Nice to see that AQ are hampered by PC recruitment quotas.Why should they be happy.
  3. If there really are 1500 Al Qeada terrorists in the UK, why are'nt we knee-deep in suicide bombings? 1500 hard core terrorists could tear this country apart; Plod struggles to deal with drunken tw@ts on a Saturday night, never mind a loony with an AK47, a Semtex waistcoat and a one-way ticket to Paradise.

    Noone is in any doubt that the terrorist threat in this country is very real. But I doubt there is 1500 AQ terrorists - whatever their skin colour.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Social inclusion on a scale that would make even the most left wing politico jealous.

    Question is, are these recruits actually muslims, or are they just whities who can't get a job in a PMC, so have to get their jollies batting for the other side, and if so, do they realise that they are actually kufir and will be killed by one side or the other regardless at some point?

    What I'm really hoping is that these are anti-capitalist, and globalisation activists who have decided that this is real direct action, and they want a piece of it. If so, see paragraph above.
  5. I'm desperate to sh@g Gemma Aitkinson. But I don't see it happening in the near future! :(
  6. What should be considered is that fact that they are actively recruiting convicted criminals and persuading them to convert to Islam. There are hundreds if not thousands of White/British/Caucasian people converting to Islam every year for the simple fact that they like some of the ideas behind the religion. So to say that we would have been attacked by numerous suicide bombs for there to be 1500 White Al-Qaeda militants in the UK is obscure, primarily because there are thousands of fanatics living in the UK already. As with all religions all someone needs is to agree with one point in particular to act upon it, and by recruiting people who already have little regard for law and order or society in general we are looking at a big fcuk up just waiting to happen.
  7. Don't ever listen to FOX. Wait for a more reliable new source to report it (granted that is an oxymoron) - after all, FOX is home to Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity who continuously pull "news" from their arrse. Probably looking for a way to start World War 3.
  8. AJCY, yes some sources say that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the west, but converting to Islam is not the same as becoming a suicide bomber, or brassing up a #4 bus with an AK.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It's growing because of immigration not conversions. Theres still 5 billion people in this world who are not muslims. Scare mongering nothing more.

    Although all the terrorists, that concern us anyway, appear to be muslims, not all muslims are terrorists. Mrs Abdulla next door is unlikely to ring your bell and shout durka durka then explode.

    You've about as much chance of getting seriously effected by a terrorist incident as you have of dieing in a plane crash.

    As I've said elsewhere, terrorism is nothing new and about as effective in the long run as a lib dem politician, think sven.
  10. I'm just pleased there aren't any white Muslim convert moderators on ARSSE.

    "Stop trolling or I'll blow myself up!"

    Or are there? Given this news from FOX - "Fair and Balanced" - we need an assurance that ARSSE mods are CofE, or moderate, non-convert, Muslims.
  11. If we know there are 1500 AQ members in the UK, surely we should know who they are and be able to arrest them!

    This is like those assessments about the number of people in the UK who have AIDS and don't know about it. If the government knows why haven't they told them?
  12. Should all be given a ticket to the middle east. It is far too easy to be an Islamic fundamentalist in a secular state,having the right to protest, to change jobs,plenty of food.
  13. I,m thinking of converting to the "Inner Church of Outer Mongolia", as far as I know they are not into suicide bombings and things, so can I get Gumint funding to start a British Chapter?.

    Thompson!.............Highland Park and Lourdes Water please..thank you.