Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by john_joe, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. Hmmmmmm,

    Not exactly a professional website using a Yahoo address as a contact point!. This site & this chap is open to judgement.
  2. What a pity that some of us are still not able to move on with our lives.
    One Martin gets to be minister of education; the other, an old 45 still stuck in the same old groove
  3. Here's something I found on this Ingram:

    The former Force Research Unit (FRU) operative Jack Grantham -- who uses the pseudonym "Martin Ingram" when dealing with the media -- is reported to have fled the Republic of Ireland after two Garda Security Branch detectives called at his home in County Kerry. They wanted to discuss his plans to appear before the Irish government's judicial inquiry into alleged Garda collusion with the Provisional IRA prior to the border assassination of two senior Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) officers: Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Supt. Robert Buchanan. They were killed on 20 March 1989, near Jonesborough, County Armagh, while returning from a meeting with senior Garda officers at Dundalk, in the Irish Republic. Their deaths were a major setback for anti-IRA operations along the border, area referred to by the media as "bandit country", and also damaged cross-border cooperation between the Garda and the RUC because of suspicion that the IRA had a mole within the Irish police based at Dundalk Garda station.
  4. So, John_Joe, you think this an interesting little blog ? Martin Ingram ?......Jack Grantham ?.....Walter Mittey ! This tiresome little man (and he is very little by the way) should be thinking about keeping his gob shut. When he was tied up with SB after his little spate of crap articles with the Sunday Times he squeeled off to The Steven's Enquiry that he could tell them a raft of naughty things the FRU had done in exchange for not being prosecuted for his articles. Subsequently those charges against him were dropped only to find that he did not have anything of consequence to tell Steven's apart from heresay. He now appears to have waged a one man war of attrition against McGuinness, Morrison, Scappaticci etc etc, ............remember Martin Ingram, leopards do not change their spots and 'they' probably know exactly who you are and where you are.......check under your car and keep checking your rear view mirror on your way home.......In the meantime, I'll keep checking the Rose & Laurel obituary column.
  5. blimey dragoon! :)
  6. Well, I know its a bit heavy. But I do get a little agitated by troublesome little has-been's who keep poking the hornets nest.
  7. Well done, an interesting reply and I fully agree.
  8. Apparently Ingram had access to all the Intelligence in the province via a system called 3702!

    He must be credible then??
  9. I reckon that this 'whistleblowing' shite may well have contributed to Donaldson's death...........read his 'blog', tosser. All in all, not a good week for the Green Slime, what with the 'babe-spy' Leah only getting 12K, some other daft tart ratling to the Scum about being systematically abused, the colour of their vomit-enducing beret being used by another Corps...........heaven knows whats next, their journal (secret secret secret, ever so secret) may even appear on e-bay.......shudder !
  10. Certainly not a well designed site either, im viewing on firefox and the text goes over the pictures and he should really think about the length of his home page. Got bored of his drivel after about a paragraph then checked home big the scroll bar was! No thanks

    Methinks this chap needs basic html lessons, no wait he didnt use html so hes obviously just a nob
  11. Someone who actually uses Frontpage then. Double nobber.