Whistleblower To Bring Down Brown!


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angular said:
Biped said:
P2000 is right. This will not bring Gordon down for a few reasons:

One: He's got no concience.
Two: He wanted power, not to change the country for the better, but merely for the sake of being 'in power'.
Three: He won't give power up for fcuk all. You'll have to hoik him out with a crowbar and a lump hammer.
Four: Events have far surpassed his mental ability to keep a grasp of - he's now in la la land.
Five: He's an undiagnosed autistic - nothing gets through, though he CAN draw good pictures.
Six: He set about to destroy the English and bring about a proper communist state - there is more to do.
Seven: It never occured to him that he'd fcuk the Scots too in the process, but that's just so much collateral damage right now anyway, so who cares. Never did like the 'Royal' in RBS anyway.
Eight: He will simply continue to 'la la la' until an election is forced upon him by the consitutional rules, and then he will blame every other cnut for the fact that he lost - and he'll stay bitter, in obscurity, villified for the rest of his natural born days, the cnut.
Nine: No lucrative speaking tours for this has-been wnaker!
I've rarely seen it summarised better.
I'm not sure about that - I might even be willing to watch him on stage twitching and swamping. Especially if there are questions from the audience. Difficult ones like: whats 2 plus 4?
More "accidents" coming soon

When Sir George Young asked him to rule out going cap in hand to the IMF, the PM growled that we were "reaching an absurdity when people make these comments or statements…just simply ridiculous." When he warned Sir George that he should "be careful about making those statements as well", he might as well have said: we know where you live, mate… you should keep away from the edge of the platform, accidents can happen.
As Rome burns, Gordon Brown keeps passing the buck
Grunter said:
The point is that the FSA is a Tiger with no claws and teeth, unless you want to open a bank account. The bankers have been Gordon's golden boys, taking all the credit when things go well and now......
Brun will remain at No 10 untl the last possible second by which time Tone will be President of Europe
Apparently, as a result of the FSA's work, it is easier and quicker to open a credit card account than a savings account.

BuggerAll said:
Especially if there are questions from the audience. Difficult ones like: whats 2 plus 4?
He hasnt answered a question during PMQ's for the last few years, so why would he start now


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Bravo2nothing said:
One thing I did notice today was the complete lack of news today about this story. Has it been crushed?
Hush your mouth cynic, lest it be hushed for you.
Nonsense: there was some great news coverage ;-)



GORDON Brown last night ordered his minions to fetch him a fresh bank.

The prime minister has grown bored in recent days and has told friends that only the comprehensive destruction of a great financial institution will banish his ennui.

A Downing Street source said: "Oh, how he does love to ****-up a bank. It's the only thing getting him out of bed these days.

"He'll trudge into the office, gaze out of the window and ask, 'are there no new banks to destroy?'. And then we'll apologise and he'll look all sad and disappointed and his bottom lip will start to wobble. It breaks your heart.

"But oh, you should have seen him the other day when his Lloyds plan finally came off.

"We all gathered round the telly to watch the share price plummeting while the prime minister bounced up and down in his chair, clapping his hands and giggling."

The source added: "He's totally perplexed at how HSBC have come through all of this virtually unscathed and he really wants to see them suffer.

"He's talked about forcing them to buy RBS, the rotting, leftover bits of MFI and the old Rover plant at Longbridge and then sitting back and 'watching the fun'.

"And as for Barclays, well he really wants to wait until all of this is over and they think they're safe and then he's going to blow them to bits with a tank."

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