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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone watch the BBC docu last night into a lengthy undercover investigation exposing the shady activities at two of Britain's largest bailiff companies.

    Ruthless, the lot of them!.
  2. Did You see that sh!t use the little kids at the end to try and prise the money from her aunt in the last part of the expose. Twat, absolute twat!!!

    And the Government want to give them extra powers so they can use reasonable force.

  3. They are f*cking scum. Full stop.
  4. The thing that gets me is that they were two of the industries largest companies - God only knows what the seedier :roll: end of the industry gets up to
  5. baliffs just another name for CHAV SCUM.
  6. Did you see the Police play right into the Baliffs hands when they were called to the home of a ladys son who owes money.

    Surley the Police should have some knowledge of these proceedures. Im not saying eating a volume on it but at least the basics of what they can and cannot do?.
  7. Connect this thread and see how the Lord Chancellor's Department propose to change the law to give official sanction by way of a 'thugs charter' in recognition of the reality of the activities of these people:


    Foot in the door? They can break it down if it amounts to 'reasonable force', entry without warrant, compulsory attachment of earnings orders etc etc etc!

    The Government proposals were not even discussed in the programme and the media have been all but silent upon what may come.
  8. To be fair to the Beeb the programme was probably outsourced and put to bed before the news about Labours Latest Law was put to the press
  9. I saw it. WHAT A GREAT JOB....!!

    I could chuck it in now, lob my pension on top of what Drakes pay and I'd be QUIDS in.....

    On the other hand, I would only be interested if I could hassle old ladies and single mothers - that would be great. I wouldn't fancy trying to get payments out of big blokes with big dogs. Deffo NOT for me...

    (*types Drakes into Google to look for terms and conditions)
  10. There is an argument to say that people have ample opportunity to settle debt and resolve issues before the baliff is called.
  11. It seems there might be a problem here.
    While the Bailiffs may be entitled touse legal force, so are you. So if they dont announce and cant prove who they are, fill them in! The bigger and scarier they are, and the smaller and weaker you are, the better an excuse you have for defending yourself with that kitchen knife!
  12. Yeah, but that's no fun......

    Did you see the look on the little girl's face when Dau (sp) said her mummy was going to prison for not paying her parking fine....??


    That's the bit I laughed at most
  13. Your argument has one flaw. The people they were chasing the debts from didn't even live at some of the places they tried to extort money from. Other times they tried to get money out of relatives who had nothing to do with it.
  14. BRILLIANT........