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Whisky - elixir of life


I just add two or three drops of tap water off the end of my finger, you can experiment around to find what you enjoy, no matter what your tastes will change over the years so it's a constantly changing thing

I seem to be quite lucky with the quality of my tap water though, some places I've been the stuff tastes like swimming bath water so it can't hurt to try bottled water
Never used 'em:
Norlan(no d),
£50 for 2, insulated, weird mixing spike

Those things fall over too easily. Trust me on this.


War Hero
Those things fall over too easily. Trust me on this.
That I can certainly believe... sometimes get nervous with the glencairn glasses despite the weighty base and the less said for those 'sherry' copitas, the better. People might be onto something with cut glass lead tumblers, y'know*
(Sir Rowley Birkin, for e.g. ;) )
Stealth whisky sipper:
I bought this last year and a Laphroaig set they were on offer at the local supermarket and the glasses are great as they are not huge but enough for a dram and you can have two or three a night and not feel as though you are overdoing it Plus they are difficult to knock over If you see them on offer this year go for it
Strange, but true, some whiskies change after being left in the glass for a while.
Always have a wee sip and go back in 15/20, have always drank it like that mind. When I first started drinking malts it wasn't the done thing everyone else was on pints. Just too tight to pop up for drinks between rounds.


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From left to right
Edinburgh Crystal whisky glass
Some weird glass cheap at a tasting.
Round bottomed gift.
Glencairn glass obtained on a distillery tour.

Only use the Edinburgh Crystal one (or similar in plain glass from Tesco)

Allegedly if you lay a Glencairn glass on its side it holds a measure.


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It's a state of mind (drinking whisky and with what and who)
Perso, I prefer to drink on my own to avoid trivial and distracting conversation that blurs my buzz
All good things in life are mostly appreciated more on your own and with out witness es
Agree on a good glass
It's not what you do that counts but how you do it
Am sure there are more knowledgeable on this thread than me


Got my Mackmyra Svenks Ek whisky about two minutes ago. I didn't get it from the supplier in Sweden as Amazon are doing it for a cheaper price, with free delivery if you have Amazon Prime:

Mackmyra Svensk Ek Swedish Single Malt Whisky, 70 cl: Grocery

I opened the package and removed the bottle to confirm that it indeed was whisky and not a cheeky litre bottle of cheap fizzy pop substituted in its place - you know the reputation of package couriers by now, eh?, then promptly put it back in the (very good) Amazon packaging to be opened for realsies on Christmas Day.

I still have most of the bottle of Jim Beam White Label Bourbon Whiskey that one of my neighbours got me for being a good egg, which is why I can afford to be patient.

Any of you lot have any experience with the above? I just ordered a bottle, with a bottle of this to go with it.


Needless to say I won't be adding sales to the firearms industry for a bit.
Special offers at the moment: Might try the Yardhead again (thought it was cack the first time), Shackleton was OK, Tamnavulin nice. Glen Moray (there are two) is often £20 or less. And that's before you get into the likes of supermarket own brands (wiser people have commented above).

I’ve got a bottle of Shackleton on the shelf, it keeps getting passed over for drinking, there’s always something newer to open. Is it any good?

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