Whisky - elixir of life


From some of the stuff I've read on this site, do any such persons exist in HM Forces?
I never drank at sea, could see no point, however along side it was hands to bathe.


The poor man's cachaça.
The worst Caipirinha I ever had was in a restaurant in Queen St Exeter., Big arsed Brown sugar that would have gone in coffee mixed quickly with cheap Lime wedges, Crushed Ice and really cheap Cachaca. Fcukin disgusting. £6.

Bad Smell

From the Arabic Sadiq meaning friend.

If people were making Sid to sell they ran it through a pot still twice. Had an unpleasant tase and would give a hangover. Your more upmarket producers would run it three times, reasonably acceptable but took longer with less finished product and accordingly commanded higher price.

If you were making it for yourself...and were slightly fussy about what you drank it was run 4 times. This resulted in a very reduced...and refined end product which was pretty damned good by Vodka standards. Matured on Oak chips, from whisker/Bourbon barrels if possible, and you got Brown Sid which was a very smooth and pleasant beverage.

I would begin with a 10 gall mash which started with a kilo of sugar per gallon of water. With that a packet of high alcohol tolerant wine yeast that would give between a 10-13% abv. In the warm conditions that would finish fermentation in about a week.

When finished I would start running the mash on Thur afternoon ( the Saudi equivalent of Sat) using an 18Lt Pressure cooking pot with a copper condesation coil and a big immersion heater thermometer sealed into the lid. This then ran continuously until the mash had cycled through the still 4 times, on Friday evening.

It required very close attention to temperatures and the removal of the Methyl alcohol part way through the run. I would end up with about 1 gall of around 87-90% Ethyl alcohol, with the methyl (poisonous) component and the fusel oils (nasty taste) having been removed.

This was then ‘cut’ with three galls of water leaving you with 4 galls of approx 40% abv spirit of nearly hangover free jolly juice/Sid..

Amazing how fast it disappeared in the very convivial social scene that existed.
I recall we used to buy a container for 1,500 Riyals and carry out the blue flames test. Usually served with 7Up or Pepsi.

It has been mentioned here previously about a certain R T who was badly burnt making the stuff. As that occurred after my Exit Only visa it was interesting to hear the details. Last heard of him in another Kingdom nearby.

Incidentally he introduced me to Glenmorangie which started my love affair with that distillery. I buy the annual releases when I can and happened to visit the distillery last year on the day they issued their 175th Anniversary bottling. I picked a fairly low number which is an old unit number. If I had really pushed I could have had a single digit or low teens but happy with what I chose. 53.1%ABV and filled two days after 9/11. I'll share it with my Dad and some close friends one day.

Latest dram is a Port Charlotte 10yo Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt at 50%ABV. Sublime stuff, no water.
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