Whisky Alpha Lemur Tango

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by burnt-or-buggered, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. not sure if this belongs in here but thought it irreverant enough
    06.45 at least that's what Andys watch said, although to be honest it had said that since the 1940's, ever since his grandad had looted it in Monte Casino. The real time was more like 12.00, and it was raining heavily, drips of cold rain soaking through his American army issue battledress and making his replica thompson slick and awkward to hold.
    The problem with people who'd been in the forces was that they used phrases that seemed to mean one thing but really meant something totally different. When Beano had told every one that this would be a dry exercise he'd meant that no beer was to be drunk during the practise, Andy had thought that it meant he wouldn't need his waterproofs and was now regretting the mix up.
    The call for Endex came at around 13.00 mainly because the enemy re enactors had gone missing and also as it was getting a bit cold and boring, It was days like these that Andy wondered about his allegiance to the Royal Regiment of Reenactors The Regiment to those in the know
  2. or the shakers and fakers to Big Dave the ex pioneer that ran the regimental bar The Dog And Duck, home of the West Anglian Light Troop.
    Andy looked around at the other members of his troop Hans and Adolph the two German troopers sat looking sheepish as it was their fault that todays training hadn't happened. Still sat in his shell scrape was wully the wobbler shaking like a pair of maracas, Nobby Smith and Smudge Clarke sat sharing a prison rollie and chatting about section assualts and scars they had earned and then there was Beano Farty, with a face like thunder,otherwise known as Benny McFlarrerty leader of WALT and one of the main men in the regiment, One of the few men in the regiment to have actually almost completed basic training in Aldershot, as he said "I've survived the dreaded tower at St Omer" He'd been dishonourably discharged for decking the RSM after he gave him a bollocking for walking on the grass, Although there was a darker rumour that he'd been caught with his clown trousers around his ankles stuffing a turkey the wrong way. Andy made a point of avoiding the harvester where he now worked as cheif pot washer just in case. All in all you couldn't hope to find a finer bunch of men outside of the second world war.
  3. It's LIMA by they way. Small point to the waltishness but one I thought worth mentioning.
  4. Come up for air mate..................For thou shalt asphyxiate.

    Blimey....................Nutters, everywhere!!

    Cheers N_W.
  5. Andy slammed his phone down angrily on the desk." You won't believe what they want us to do this weekend...? Only civil war crap, I told them they could shove it up their arses, I'm not standing around a field all day waving a bloody big stick at another bloody big stick, Ive got standards and the armour makes me sweat something chronic."
    "So what are we gonna do then?" asked Wully " I've taken the weekend off special like"
    "Lets go to the Dog then we can sort the weekend out there, maybe Beano might have something planned ."
    "Good plan as always Andy I'll just grab my medals
  6. What a lot of wnak.........
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I thought it was quite funny :D
  8. You need to up your dosage mate!
  9. I take it your point is that there are WALT Lima's out there called Lemurs????
  10. I feel that didn't go at all well.
  11. But you forgot that it's ALFA not ALPHA! :x

    being uberwalt. :wink:
  12. Is this in Batco ??
  13. Bollox,its always bin Alpha,you'll being saying Gulf,instead of Golf soon? :roll:
  14. In the case of the Phonetic Alphabet it’s never been ALPHA.

    The whole point of the phonetic alphabet was that anybody who can read Romanic lettering can pronounce the words regardless of the language.

    It’s got bugger all to do with Americanisation or simplification of the language.