Whiplash compensation.

Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by charliecharlieone, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. The Misses had a prang over the weekend, not her fault and other person has claimed full responsability.

    So far she has been offered £700, £1000 and now £1350 to settle. They saying that £1350 is the final offer.

    Should we call it there or go for a medical etc.
  2. Yeah I'll pull up a sandbag.
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  3. That depends, has she been injured in a way that is actually costing her money and requires compensation? Or are you just a pair of money grabbing parasites? This crash didn't happen in Liverpool by any chance?
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  4. Naahhh, go all the way, the insurance companies have not spent a lot of time and money developing ways of detecting faked whiplash injuries. Worlds your Oyster, you go girl....etc
  5. hotel_california

    hotel_california LE Book Reviewer

    Whiplash is Soooooo last year! Crash for Cash is this the new black.
  6. Been injured and cannot look after the grandaughter so a bit of both. As for money grabbing kin right, why not if its good parasites then this week i want to be a parasite.
  7. AAGF


    We had just dropped off sister-in-law at LAX and were heading back up the 101 for home. Traffic came to a stop, but the guy behind us didn't. His insurance sent us an unsolicited cheque for $250 in "full and final settlement" about a week later. I sent it back. Keeping it short, I had C5/C6 damage (X-Rays, MRIs the whole bit) and got a lawyer referred through my job.

    Six months later, they paid up $50k (net after lawyer fees deducted). They had paid for the car repair up front.
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  8. This is a crap story.
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  9. Tell them to poke it. I'm in line for 3 grand for walking into a glass door that didn't have a "This is a glass door" sticker. I suffered only a broken snout.
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  10. I wonder what the OP's opinion was when the UK politicians were caught red handed as thieves who had committed fraud?
  11. ^ in all fairness his Doris has been injured.
  12. You should be grateful she's not in a coma or worse.

    Mongs like you ensure that we all pay more each year for our insurance.
  13. I've said it before this is why we're going down the crapper......
  14. He has not detailed how much, just that he want's more money and that he doesn't mind joining the parasites.
  15. Fraudulent insurance claims? Have you told anyone this before? I personally think it started with the cost of two World Wars and the decline of the Empire.